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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Praying they drop the video by Friday at the latest.
  2. I really hope that there's something planned for after today and she don't disappear for 3 more years like with Downhill Lullaby. Even if she don't release the album this year but just keeps us fed with infos, false dates, snippets of songs and teaser of visual she will never release.
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  3. The festivals and the music video being shot just means there has to be more. Even just an EP. I rebuke the idea of anything less. more is going on than at the time of Downhill Lullaby.

    EDIT: sigh this is such a cope
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  4. Manifesting Descending with album preorder in the next two months.
    I’m delusional
  5. My posts are very few and far in between in this thread, but I… don’t think Sky would come back, like, at all, if she didn’t have an album to present? Not unlike Kendrick or SZA, or even someone more traditional like Madonna, she probably has a statement to make, and I imagine it goes beyond one song.
  6. Counterpoint:

  7. Wasn’t this sort of a surprise drop without much build-up?
  8. It’s almost time.
  9. I'm getting anxious....
  10. Not really. Not any less build up than we’re getting right now. Only difference this time is that we have a video. It even got a “comeback” feature with Pitchfork

    Edit: dd @Nunya B, but yeah…
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  11. Giddily sitting here all hyped up & occasionally refreshing Apple Music, ecstatic after waiting the best part of a decade for a proper new Sky era… and also knowing full well that either the ceiling is going to collapse on me or i’ll get electrocuted by my iphone charger the moment before it drops. Something is going wrong. I love being a Sky fan!!
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  12. Does anyone read Pitchfork? I thought they were just scores on Twitter that you mock now.

    I’m kidding, I take the point!
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  14. Tears of fire in the sky
    Makes me feel good to be alive
    Big dream, sick dream
    Used to think God’s inside us all
    Keep it in mind
    Nobody here’s a friend of mine
    They can keep me in line
    In case they fail to recognise that I
    Don’t forget, oh no I won't forget, I don't forgive

  15. I'm the real bad girl~
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  16. 10 MINUTES

  17. See you all on the other side
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