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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. And it doesn't. Case closed!
  2. I can't at people saying Downhill Lullaby, a dirge of a song, has more replay value than Don't Forget. Worms for brains.
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  3. Still not on…
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  4. …..has anyone seen Sky???
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  5. Wow, I dont know how you have the patience for this.

    Wasn't she meant to be on at an already pushed back time of 1030pm?
  6. I skipped going tonight as my friend couldn't make it so instead I went out for a lovely Italian meal. Hope you all had a great show!
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  7. Show hasn’t started babe

    I also swerved hehe xx
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  8. Sky when she gets back to her hotel later:
  9. I guess it started, like, 10 minutes ago.

    Edit: Oh it seems like she went on stage, played 4 songs and it was done?
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  10. Not the Barcelona set ending up being the least messy one ddd. Maybe I won. Geiunaly hope she's okay though, her antics as of late have me slightly concerned. She's also apparently in the Guardian on Friday.

  11. Not her getting on the front page!! Hope they don't mention her set nn
  12. Sky Ferreira getting more prominence than Paul McCartney… this makes sense with my fantasy
  13. It was not four songs??? She did a full set (23:40 start like 00:45 end) and even Descending...A very solid show, she served vocals and usually awkwardness...Enjoyed it very much !!!
  14. No idea what was going on timing wise but it was actually an amazing show…..full set and wow she can really sing!
  15. I'm happy that was fake news. She sounds good in the clips, so maybe we did finally get a successful show this run!
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  16. Damn London huns won then

    It looks good!
  17. Hands All Over Me really does sound like it will be immense in studio form.
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  18. That was worth the wait. Still coming down(hill) lullaby. Was front row.
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  19. She was great, her songs are so good ugh however I’m too old to go to gigs that start at 11:45pm

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