Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Laura Snapes interviewed her for the Guardian, it’s a bit of a tough read. Seems like she’s really been through it over the last few years and.. still is.

Here’s the link.

The last line made me choke up and then smile.

“That’s the thing, too,” she says. Most of the artists she loved (like Love, Apple and Aimee Mann) “were in their early 30s when they solidified who they were. So it’s not like it’s all over for me”
That was a really illuminating piece - not shying away from the mess but allowing Sky to address it on her terms. This whole section I particularly enjoyed -
She thinks she may have taken “a little too much pride” in her difficult experiences not destroying her. “Like, ‘Oh, it didn’t kill me!’ That’s a very low standard.” She’s trying to value herself better, and was touched last week when some teenage girls messaged asking to meet. They were babies when she released her debut, yet her music “seems to be very personal for them, and it makes me feel like I did something right”. Even her recent live humiliations reflect her self-respect. “If I have to play the song five times, so be it if I have to look like a fool.”
There’s a self-awareness there that seems to have tended the fire of determination that’s guided her through the darkness of well, her whole life. Her stubbornness is as much her superpower as it is her Achilles heel.
If there's one real positive to take away from everything is that the material is really good. Don't Forget, Innocent Kind, All My Lovers Die and Descending sound like discography highlights to me. Those that have the demo to All My Lovers Die have said the studio version is something very special.

The London show seems like it went down a storm from those who were there, hopefully they've fine tuned the problems they were having (I mean she fired the sound guy..), she puts it down to teething issues and she's able to go on and kill her last two festival appearances. The next shows are 25th and 30th June.