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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Not these two pieces of media reminding me that It was right to never give up on her or throughout the times people have constantly tried to make her out to be something she's not.

    I still remember fighting with gays who thought they were impressive for having friends in marketing at Capitol and swearing the problem was Sky after Capitol saw the album be praised and expected I Blame Myself to somehow become some big pop hit.

    I also remember those same voices constantly dismissing the type of rumors you'd hear about Dr. Luke in the studio and downplaying the mistreatment so many experienced.

    She deserves the world and more.
  2. She should really be pushing to rush out material to get out of her contract.
  3. Sam


    It … doesn’t work like that
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  4. And just like that, all artist/label issues have been solved!
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  5. She’s mentioned recording enough material for various albums, and that the record company were pushing her for a certain sound that wasn’t her.

    I appreciate her sticking to her guns and being firm in only releasing stuff she wants. But the history of pop music is filled with amazing artists putting out stuff they don’t really want to because they’re under contract to then move on and do something amazing.
  6. The monitor guy when Sky wants her vocal turned up to 11 and everyone else muted
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  7. If she could prove Captiol have caused her and her career substantial harm could she have grounds to sue and get out of her contract ala JoJo? I know it's extremely complicated but I do think it could be worth a shot.
  8. If she’s only got one album left after this upcoming album… just ride it out teebs
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  9. Sis, sometimes just not saying anything is the better option. They literally shelved an album of hers days before coming out on January 11th, 2011!
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  10. That’s not how it works though. The label wants a return on investment and will continue shelving and forcing artists into dev hell until their confident a project will make $$$.
  11. Doing that would takes years & a lot of money. The stress alone probably isn't worth it, considering her health issues. Riding out the rest of her contract (while holding Capitol's feet to the fire in whatever way she can) is maybe the best solution here. I don't want to speculate too much, but I'm assuming the random acting/modeling gigs over the years is what pays her bills. She's talked about having to fund her own recording sessions too. A lawsuit would be a huge financial undertaking.

    Of all the awful label situations we've heard of, Sky's is the worst. They've spent over a decade tormenting her, shelving her projects, not giving her a budget, & hanging her out to dry at any opportunity they could. Her entire career is a horror story I wouldn't wish on anyone.
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  12. It's so bizarre. Fairly similar situation to the JoJo one, in that I understand wanting to see a return on the investment but I don't understand where anyone involved thinks said return is going to come from.

    Momentum is everything, and the longer artists stew in development hell, the more they lose momentum and people forget about them. Sky is actually doing very well to get the level of media coverage she has.
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  13. The wall of sound production mixed with those huge emotive vocals on the live version of Innocent Kind - I can hear God. I know this album is worth waiting 100 years for.
  14. My guess is it all comes back to opportunity-cost.

    If they were to let Sky go and she were to subsequently blow up under another label or independently then they've in essence lost that money/potential revenue. It's more in their self-interest to hold on to Sky as an asset and have the option to release with her at some point, blocking competition from doing the same with that artist. It's absolutely awful approach to take but its their business model and the artist themselves tend to have very little leverage.
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  15. This outcome... is only possible if the stuff they don't want becomes big hits. Sky already compromised with Obsession, which flopped and was eventually scrubbed from existence on streaming.
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  16. This argument has never made any sense to me. "We're not gonna release your music because we're not gonna make any money but we're going to keep you hostage here in case you go make money at another label." Ok so you admit it? You're the problem then. If you think she could be successful elsewhere.

    And let's be real most of these decisions are made out of spite and are not actually business decisions.
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  17. Label logic never makes sense. I stopped trying to figure it out because it really is just them being assholes 90% of the time.
  18. She's EVER gonna release a music video for that or… it was just visuals for spotify or something i'm confused, hurry Sky people are forgetting!
  19. I feel really sorry for Sky, I hope this album comes out this year and it’s absolutely fantastic. Up yours, Capitol.
  20. Tamaryn shared some lyrics to All My Lovers Die. She also said it's her favourite song that herself and Sky worked on together.

    I shed my deceit
    Because all my lovers die
    I had to let it be
    Up to the bitter end
    You stayed some kind of friend
    Up to the night I failed

    But you never could shut me out
    You wouldn't so I did it myself
    It's only fair now

    If you ever feel that way
    I'll leave your sight
    Then I guess it would come true
    My search for faith
    I let it fill the silence
    But it isn't you
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