Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Her interviews in NME and Guardian are rife with so much pain and frustration. She's really been through so much throughout the years, and I really feel for her. Others have hurled so much misogyny and other bullshit in her direction. I'm so glad that I've always stood with her, despite all the delays and setbacks, because I'm well aware of how misogyny works, and I knew that the long gaps between singles and bodies of work were not inherently her own doing. I mean, for fuck's sakes, she's been saying for years that she's been chronically ill on top of all this label fuckery. I had no reason to believe that she lied about any of it. I hope she enters a better mental state, I hope Masochism comes out the way she wants it, and I hope her thirties are much kinder to her.

Screaming. Will Young giving promo on the front page of today's Metro. This era just won't let up!
It's the final night of this iconic European festival tour, she's performing at Open'er Festival in Poland where she's due on at 20:45. She also played Roskilde yesterday but it was a mess as usual dd.