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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Ironically the performance at Open'r, which was basically cancelled due to bad weather seemed to go smoothly. Maybe this warm up tour has worked!
  2. Her pout is just so iconic.
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  3. Yelling at her only managing to do two full sets out of seven shows. thats_so_sky.jpg.

    Prayer circle that we get the video for Don't Forget within the next two weeks and Descending is released in August.
  4. Are we actually getting this album or…?
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  5. I do believe we will get this album at some point in Sky's lifetime.
  6. Sam


    Don’t Forget has lost its sheen for me. It’s mixed so loud
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  7. Complete opposite for me, it’s really getting under my skin the last week or so. The production is the best part, it’s so huge/epic sounding.
  8. Especially in the second verse. It really slaps you in the face
  9. Is there a bloody video coming or what?
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  10. Hopefully in december
  11. I laughed way too hard at this
  12. Sky Ferreira is 30 today.
  13. Sam


  14. Happy Birthday to the overpromising, underdelivering Cancer babes.
  15. Happy birthday Sky! Say what you want about her but she made one of the greatest albums of all time and it's an album that had an impact on me unlike any other. I still listen to it in full at least weekly and it's never ever lost its shine. Weirdly, I think I love it even more now - it's almost like it's grown up with me. From being a struggling bullied queer 13 year old to an out and proud 22 year old trying to navigate my way in the world, Sky's music has always been a constant for me and has definitely helped the world feel like a less scary place. I truly hope that she knows how special she is and that her thirties are better for her than her twenties. We're rooting for you, our mysterious Cancer queen!
  16. 30 months off
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  17. Don’t hate me for bumping this and possibly giving y’all hope dddd

    where the hell is the As If! EP??? It’s like all existence of it has been scrubbed from the internet. Does anyone know why? And where I can find it?
  18. Didn’t she say her label didn’t have all her music up on streaming? Maybe that’s what she was referring to
  19. I was under the impression she asked for it to be taken down when Ghost came out and she rebranded. But knowing what we now know it wouldn't surprise me if they took it down to spite her. She might also be referring to Ghost being unavailable worldwide until 2019 and the Night Time, My Time B-Sides never being uploaded.
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