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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Ugh. Frustrating but not surprising. I hate that those bops are lost.
  2. It's especially weird that you can't even buy the As If! EP (or Obsession for that matter, though it's 'soundtrack exclusive') from iTunes anymore. Thank god I was enough of a fag in 2011 to snag it then!
  3. Yeah, I’m so glad I have it on CD along with the others. Things like this only reaffirm how necessary physical media is (or at the very least purchasing the digital files)
  4. I have the As If! EP on my phone and it’s such a treasure that I forget about from time to time. I’m now also contemplating buying the Larry Crowne soundtrack just to get Obsession in HQ.
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  5. RMK


    99 Tears should never be hidden or forgotten.
  6. It is so endlessly frustrating whenever I go to Spotify to look for it and it's not there, because I never remember. A pop masterpiece.
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  7. I caved and added it to my Local Files recently but I wish it was on streaming, it deserves to be! She would never but I’d die if she resurrected some of the tracks (99 Tears!!) in her live set.
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  8. "99 Tears" and "108" live in my head and heart rent-free. Capitol Records will not see heaven for their pop sins!
  9. 17 is a fantastic song and yet it's nowhere to be found.
  10. "108" is in her top 5.
  11. That’s what made me seek out the EP earlier today. It suddenly popped into my head and I remembered how much I used to bop to it.
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  12. I... don't know if I've ever listened to her pre-Night Time, My Time stuff, which isn't surprising if it's become harder to find over the years I guess?
  13. I'm really hoping that we don't have to wait 3 years for the next single.

    As If! and Ghost EPs are a must. As are the two singles 17 and One.

    There are a handful of other songs and collaborations that you can ignore. I want to say her demos are great too, but I don't think I have listened to them all and frankly I've been indifferent towards them because I've lost patience with Sky!
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  14. Very much here for the 108 love! As someone who's tapped in and out at times I'm never sure how her pre-Ghost material is perceived in the fanbase.

    I got an ancient pain
    I lost my wings and fell to earth
    And then I wouldn't stay in my golden cage
    So I gave up everything

    Is still probably my favorite verse from her.
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  15. Justice for the Cry Baby album, honestly. I remember when she said she’d release it if she got Night Time, My Time out dd
  16. Sky Tonia, it's time to officially release First Base and get that viral tiktok smash that's just waiting to happen!

    We'll go to first base, and we'll play doctor
    We're gonna get high, knock you off your rocker

    Staying up all night

  17. 99 Tears gripped my ears and put them in a vice this week, that's how strong the hold has been.
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  18. [​IMG]

    She was seen visiting the double grave of the Don't Forget video / Masochism album last night
  19. The radio silence after the single drop kii. I wonder what the 3rd relaunch attempt single will be next year.
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  20. Releases a song called ‘Don’t Forget’.

    Promptly forgets about it.

    That’s so Sky!!!
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