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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. The thread being 8 years old *clown emoji*
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  2. I... when, exactly?
  3. I mean, around the time Don't Forget came out and before the disastrous gigs and the video never materialising and so on, I think it looked like things were lining up for a relatively smooth campaign. The song was good, the reception was great, the label seemed to be backing it, etc. Of course that lasted like a week or two before it all starting going downhill.
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  4. Finders Keepers (Masochism sessions) has leaked. It's nice but nothing special.

    In other news, another day, another slay! New shoot for Dazed, interview coming soon.
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  5. She looks like she’s been cast as the new bad in Gossip Girl.
  6. I gasped at those photos. She looks so fucking good, and I stan Thom Browne.
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  7. Finders Keepers is early Masochism, it was produced by Rahki. Two other songs called The Life and Touch are also from those sessions. Would imagine they're among much of the earlier material that was scrapped.
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  8. We already have a Masochism EP so she can move on
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  9. Nn isn’t there like 11 Masochism-era songs now? There’s the album girls.
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  10. Someone needs to leak Descending. I don’t know if I can wait the 5+ years it will take to come out.
  11. A different Cry Baby song was also leaked. "Ms. Bluebird" produced by Metronomy and co-written by Nicole Morier. It's so fucking weird ddd.

    There's probably a cute 12-track version of Cry Baby you can make as:

    01. 17
    02. One
    03. Too Many Boys
    04. Dynamite State
    04. Whatcha Gonna Do
    06. Sex Rules
    07. Traces
    08. Haters Anonymous
    09. 99 Years
    10. 108
    11. Hot Chick
    12. Cobra

    The other Bloodshy & Avant + Daniel Luttrell tracks likely on the album were Hollywood Slime, Love Is A Drug and Robotics, which would take it to 15 if they ever end up leaking.
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  12. I want to hear the infamous "Ditch That Bitch" & "Swamp Girl"
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  13. just anything Sky, please
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A song!!

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  16. So Ariel Pink is still on board for Masochism? Yikes.
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  17. I wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to organise some kind of exit deal with Capitol. A lot of the delays before were about making sure there was a solid campaign in place with both Sky and the label happy and on the same page. Now that there's been so much time, and it's clear that that's not going to happen - it wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to reach an agreement where they'll just put it on streaming one day, let her out her contract and leave all the promo etc up to her. Then again this is Sky so who knows.
  18. Ariel Rechtshaid, not Pink. Fact checking is obviously not a Dazed passion.
  19. I hope so. She needs out as soon as possible.
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  20. This album’s never happening.
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