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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Places like The Guardian and Dazed and wherever else she's sat down with the past few months aren't going to reinterview her around the album. It's such a waste of promo opportunities to do it in a dead zone like this.
  2. It will be a sad kii when she's eventually freed from a label and she still won't release an album. She's the goth Bonnie Mckee, only with a better Dropbox password.
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  3. Can Capitol at least… re-issue Night Time My Time vinyl or something?
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  4. ..... Okay?

    Re: the Dazed interview, it's hilarious (and expected) that we're at the same exact place we were in June. She said the same exact things about the album and video months ago. There's been zero movement. I don't understand what the point of these articles are. The paragraphs where the writers chime in on her appearance, "brief disappearances", and delays seem to say the most on her current state, anyway.
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  5. It’s a cool photo. But yeah, and?
    Maybe this is a bad take & I don’t claim to know much about how the music industry really works, but perhaps publicly slamming your label at every single opportunity to isn’t helping the rollout of this record anymore? Maybe it is, if so, carry on Sky. Full support etc. I’m just very very tired of being a stan and following this album’s cursed journey for *checks watch* a decade. Masochism, truly.
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  6. I was wondering if the label is having any input into the press - as in is the label’s publicist or her arranging these interviews because, well as @RebelFingers said…
  7. Is there any information out there on the number of albums that she’s contracted to Capitol for?
  8. These interviews were all conducted in June, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the situation has changed by this point (i.e, Capitol aren’t granting an album release). She’s liking posts from the #freeskyferreira account Instagram.

    The best thing she can do at this point is actually finish the album and make a video about her situation and put it on Instagram. Talking in absolute’s and not riddles. She has nothing to lose anymore.
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  9. I do want to sympathize with her, but the way she's still serving excuses like her dog ate her homework while all her former metaphorical classmates finished high school, graduated college (sorta) and got jobs in the time she's been able to hand in two (2) assignments is quite something.

    As an underachieving, early 30s gay who's stuck in the past and triggered by his friends' babies Instragram feeds I can definitely relate!
  10. At least she looks great! (This “rollout” with a hundred obscure magazine covers and no concrete info about when the album’s getting released is giving me Bloom/Melodrama war flashbacks but at least we knew Lorde would eventually deliver)
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  11. At least she has a tonne of new photoshoots to rinse throughout the next 5 years in traditional Sky Ferreira style nn.
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  12. The fact that I was anticipating Masochism sicne halfway through high school and just started my master's degree this week. And did I have a few too many wines at my induction and bring her up to everyone I met? Perhaps.
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  13. I'm start to believe that she doesn't commit with deadlines (for example, Don't Forget edit never being ready). So Capitol always turns off on her. For me, doesn't make any sense Capitol prevent her on release things AFTER the Night Time, My Time release and her already solidifing a image. It's like... they really thinking that they could make her go back to electropop?
  14. I know she can be annoying with how she does or doesn't share information and she needs to work on that, but in terms of Capitol, yes, we know that her debut being a success wasn't warmly received by the label.

    Even at the time, there were """insiders""" aka gays connected to the Capitol marketing department who called her ungrateful, on different online forums, over the funding and """promo push""" she got for I Blame Myself post-success.

    And online gays are just online gays, but to have Sky confirm this year how Capitol treated her across various interviews confirmed the hostility towards her. She made it clear that Night Time, My Time's critical success was never perceived as the label being wrong and her proven right. It was treated more like her making up for set-backs somehow blamed on her and Capitol were now graciously finally going to give her a real Top 40 push after years in return.

    The interviews this year have shown she feels no one at the label seems to get her.
  15. I keep forgetting she’s playing at Desert Daze on Friday!
  16. I'm sure she does too
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  17. He


    Curious, do we know or have an idea why she is always shockingly late to her sets?
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  18. Not just her sets.
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