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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

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    I do get the eternal delays when it's not all up to her, or when health gets in the way. But most of her sets being short due to never being on time, I was just wondering if she has ever addressed it.
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  2. I get Sky herself might have trouble being on time or meeting deadlines for whatever reason, but surely her touring team could help her avoid/correct that? Being late for festival gigs almost single every time is so weird.
  3. Eh, anxiety/stage fright is a complex beast and I know from past experience when I worked in venues that often performers will just find some sort of fault backstage, front of stage, wherever to try and delay the inevitable.

    She shouldn't be touring if she's this bad and unreliable, honestly, and it'll mean promoters are less likely to take a chance on her when she needs to promote the album in future. Getting a Lauryn Hill-esque reputation is not cute: festivals in particular cannot afford to have performers fucking around pushing things back.
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    Yeah I can imagine something like this might be at play, and the festival setting just makes it all worse.

    Must be tough as I guess this is good money and press, but then it can also turn the other way and harm future opportunities.
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  5. I love this girl but where is the album?
  6. Ironically I did forget for a minute we haven't heard about the album.
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  7. This entire thread, summed up in one post.
  9. Something music related has happened! This is not a drill!!

    Night Time My Time has been randomly remastered(?) in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music and after a quick listen with headphones it’s… it’s a mixed bag. There’s a lot of stunning little changes to the levels that really elevate moments, and then there’s whatever they’ve done to You're Not The One. OOF the changes they’ve gone for are very unpleasant to me on that track especially (of all tracks to flop on too!). Reaaallyy wish Apple would let us be selective on which tracks get played in which format, instead of it being all on or all off, as I’d keep quite a few in the new Dolby sound! 24 Hours is gorgeous like this. Excited to give it another spin soon and listen even more intently.

    Now the question is - did Sky oversee this work? Was she shut out of the room? Was it done at the label’s request, or hers? Does it indicate they’re re-invested in Sky? That more is on the way?? Help i’m finding optimism again someone come crush it, quick.
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  10. I think Apple might let you save some songs like "stereo" and once you leave the Dolby Atmos enabled, it will play a mixture of pre-saved songs (stereo) and online ones (Dolby Atmos). But can't confirm dd hope it works.

    Hmmm I can imagine it could be something the label just did on their own, but at same time, it's Capitol x Sky Ferreira, the label that didn't have her full-2-EPs-and-1-album catalogue on Streaming.
    At same time, I don't think we would ever hear such thing if the mixing was under her perfectionist hands.
  11. After listening to what they did to You’re Not The One (it sounds like a crude drawing of a seasick mouse!!!) I think this is the mean gay intern at Capitol sabotaging her again.
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  12. You're hilarious.
  13. really off topic but Sky's owns the masters of Night Time, My Time? I remember read somewhere that she owned her masters at the moment that she decided to pay herself the studio sessions but I don't remember if that's true. It could be Mandela effect.
  14. Despite paying for the sessions herself. Captiol still owns the masters. She tried numerous times over the years to repress a vinyl but Capitol blocked her. She did independently fund the first green pressing. But Capitol still would've had to sign off on it.
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  16. Uh, I...
  17. ‘Everything is Embarrassing’ came up on shuffle today and it almost felt brand new for the first time, it was incredible.

    What a phenomenal song, still.
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  18. The thing is, someone at the label must have given her word that the album will come out this year or else I 100% don't believe she would have mentioned it during the press cycle. Mostly because she knows how embarrassing it would be if it didn't happen and the lashings on social media will reach new extremes.

    I said it before but at this point, she just needs to lay it all out on the table in clear and concise terms. It's been nearly 10 years of not being able to release music, what's left to lose.
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  19. Apparently they gave the concept of the Don't Forget video to another artist at Capitol so she said she's over it / is giving up. I feel so sad for her.
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