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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. nn I feel so bad for her. She'll either be dropped in the new year and will have to start again from scratch or continue to live in label purgatory. It's over! I need a moment!!
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  2. An annoying leak, but I imagine an un-edited one is close behind...

    I feel so bad for her. What an incredibly frustrating waste of potential from so many angles.
  3. It is so fucking good.

    Fucking sucks to have such a goldmine and having it delivered like this. She deserves better. I'd go further saying that, apart from Downhill Lullaby, every song from this project has been way more commercial that 80% of Night Time My Time, so really makes it even weirder that Capitol is sitting all over it.
  4. Honestly this whole situation with Capitol is bad and bizzarre, the only comparison that comes to mind is JoJo and there everyone know that Blackground, as a label, was an absolute mess (If I recall, it took years just to have Aaliyah's catalogue on stream platform), because at least with other acts that were stuck in label hell, like Azealia, Tinashe, Charli you would get some songs here and there while their albums were held hostage and constantly delayed, in this case... 4 years of nothing, Downhill Lullaby and three years later Don't Forget. It really looks they are doing this out of spite, especially considering that as a midstream/critical darling, Sky have a following, she is well liked, people were genuinely excited when Don't Forget got released, I feel bad for her and I can't understand the reasoning behind Capitol.
  5. It more just... doesn't make any sense. She's not going to be a huge name so let her release what she's done, showcase what she's got, get some streams/income and then move on? Nobody wins by just leaving things on a shelf.
  6. That's the thing - nobody wins which just shows how much this whole situation doesn't make any sense from all sides. It's baffling to me by this point.
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  7. Sky's seen some of our posts. I hope she knows we're all rooting for her, judging by the comment she does. This Instagram account is trying to spread awareness of her situation and has a ton of receipts and is supported by Sky herself. It looks like we might have to make some noise.
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  8. Omg just realized she actually commented on the post. Sometimes I don't feel able to articulate points but that post came from a real place of feeling "WTF" over people's reaction. If they want music, ok, support her. If you're over her, move on. There's no need for that awkward grudge that goes around. Really hope she's feeling good and let there be music (if that's what she wants dd)
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  9. I'm so glad she knows that so many of us are in her corner and rooting for her.
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  10. Dddd @ that reply to me being included in the IG post. I hadn't even seen it until now. Of course it's capped off with the usual corny, bad-faith send-off... Post history! Please. Enjoy your ~Free Sky Ferreira clout~, I guess.

    Sympathy = still hanging around in this thread for a decade (pls boost the iconic Nunya B quote-replies-thru-the-years post). Nuance = approaching the situation with ideas for alternative solutions.

    Of course I'm rooting for Sky. Of course I want her to win. Otherwise I wouldn't still be here. And best of luck to Free Sky Ferreira.
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  11. And I said what the fuck I said! You're a serial misogynist on this pink hellhole.
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  12. Sky needs every bit of help we can give her by making some noise about this painful situation.
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  13. What I don't get is why some of her famous pals/collaborators like Debbie Harry, David Lynch, Bobby Gelispie, The Jesus and Mary Chain etc. Don't give her any support or voice any support her her. Maybe there's some behind the scenes, but she's always seemed to be really respected and regarded by literal legends who often only have good things to say about her, much more so than most of her peers, despite all she's delt with. Surely that counts for something?
  14. I don't think Debbie Harry, David Lynch or even Jesus Christ could protest hard enough for Polydor to change their minds. These people know that it's something out of their control.
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  15. I guess that's true. It just absolutely sucks that everyone seems to see how speical she is apart from the people gatekeeping her. Well, they obviously do know, because if they didn't think she was worth something they would've just dropped her. I think they fear her going to an another label (indie or major) and becoming successful, so they are trying to bleed her dry until those offers would've dried up. It makes me so angry. The industry is fucked up.
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  16. Elton John couldn’t even scare her record label people.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Would've thought Don't Forget would snatch a spot in Pitchfork's Top 100 songs - it's easily in my top 10.
  18. It got into Rolling Stones!
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  19. Nn they kind of roasted it in their write-up earlier this year. The taste fled the building.
  20. The way they were in an absolutely foul mood for no reason about the girls this past summer still bothers me
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