Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

Capitol Records can get fucked. Looks like they’re deleting comments about Sky and limiting their posts.

EDIT: Apparently you can’t even comment anything about Sky on their posts, not that I’ve tried it…
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I just realised the last single title we got sounds like a threat. ALSLDJF

I miss you, Sky. A year has passed since I saw you for the first time in Barcelona (and I think it might be a once in a lifetime ordeal) and we're still rooting for you. Come through!
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Has this been discussed? Cobra, one of the few songs that were confirmed to appear on what would've been Sky's debut around January 2011 recently leaked. She even teased the song on SoundCloud at some point. It was produced by Bloodshy & Avant.

I've been hoping for this to leak for ages and honestly it does not disappoint. It kind of sounds like a more naïve Supernature-era Goldfrapp song. Unfortunately the quality of the leak is kind of bad. Hope we get it in HQ!
Having a debut album executive produced by Bloodshy & Avant with additional production credits from just about every big name producer at the time... Only for it to be scrapped. A travesty. Only Sky Ferreira.

This album and Leighton Meester’s shelved debut, which also had a ton of huge names working on it. Kills me every day thinking we’ll never hear them as intended.
There’s a timeline where Night Time My Time was her third or fourth album and we’re arguing about SF8 while she launches a make up line

As If! EP
Cry Baby
Ghost EP
Wild At Heart
Night Time, My Time

A discography!!! No misses!!!

No shade but.. is there any use of doing live dates with no material out? The "fuck capitol records" message doesn't exactly give hope to there being any changes happening either.
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