Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

This new Descending mix... I'm literally hearing god. It's just so crunchy but so good. The production value is better than a vast majority of what's currently being released and successful these days.

Also, on a personal note as someone who just escaped an abusive relationship the lyrics are hitting hard.

Fuck Capitol Records. I don't know how logically it would serve them to keep music this good locked in a vault. I understand Sky can be "difficult" but they've litreally been shelving her since she was a teenager.
Why does this read like a Sky lyric


Close enough.
Ok but we need a concerted effort from her, not just one off monthly plane banners and billboards paid by fans that she reposts nn
Ok but we need a concerted effort, not just one off monthly plane banners and billboards nn
We do. The reality is that Capitol have blocked any mention of Sky from their comments on all their soical media accounts. Even some of her fans have turned on her and fed into the narrative that she's just "lazy". I don't think she's helped herself with some of her actions but at the end of the day she's a woman with chronic health issues who signed a contract at 14 that she's been fighting against since she was 17. It's a real fucked up situation. The last I heard from intel was that she was trying to get out of the contract late last year and she "isn't scared of them anymore" but also "wants to take her music with her" if/when she leaves. I think publicly naming and shaming the people who are blocking her from working aka doing a Rate would only work in her favour but then they could also fire that back against her.

There's only so much we as fans can do, I think going to the shows and steaming her stuff is at least a start. We need a ringleader but the chips really are down. Stunts like this at least keep her name out there.

I know I'm a hypocrite because I listened to leaks etc but I understand that Sky wants to take her master's with her (especially since she's been paying for the sessions since 2016). It's so beyond what most of us can comprehend but I do still have faith.
Wait what?! They worked together?
Yes! They had sessions in 2009 for Sky's bubblegum debut. Though I got the songs mixed up and it was actually Touch and Go and Paper Doll she contributed too (which are both out there and bop). There might be more as well but who really knows at this point. Sky's basically worked with everyone in the industry, that first incarnation if the debut had mutpile big names attached to it before C*pitol pulled the plug.