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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I’m screaming at Rebecca Black referencing crying to Sky Ferreira like she’s dead or classic rock.
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  2. Both of those being kind of true!
  3. Between this and the references on Special, she's having a helluva year!
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  4. Is this her label's way of testing the waters? Is this the promo we wanted so badly??
  5. Banshee of pop!
  6. That photoshoot is from 2017 and being repurposed.
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  7. Promo wasted on nothing. You know what would be shocking, if she capitalized on said promo. It's crazy to think that a pandemic is more likely than Sky releasing something. She is truly one of a kind.
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  9. Just hearing this lyric now....

    Sky getting her cultural dues...

    I've planted the seeds and I will see the harvest.
  10. Oh it's a song? I assumed it was an interview. Can anyone link?

  11. Tell me what you see in your head right now
    Are you out with friends in Koreatown?
    Standing in the corner at the party
    Looking at your phone thinking you should call me
    Am I standing in your ex's house?
    Wonder what she'd think about us now
    In your bed listening to Sky Ferreira
    Know you're gonna cry, mess up your mascara
  12. That Rebecca Black EP completely slaps. Just FYI.
  13. Rebecca being able to re-find her path more than anything (besides now releasing bops on bops) makes me feel bad for Sky. She obviously has had to have some part in all of this and made some mistakes that at some point contributed to the delay, but the way her label fucked her over really feels insidious given the fact that her story would be so different if she just debuted a few years later...

    The way that the internet now gives so many more opportunities for smaller, niche female acts to having a standing and find an audience without big pop label pressure.

    It's like Capitol were on the tip of something with how Sky really touched on so many trends that would eventually blossom throughout the decade and now, but they trapped her into a label situation just right before things started to really democratize and break-through for streaming.

    There's a real good chance that in the climate of the late 2000s that there would never have been a drivers' license situation for someone like Olivia because of the way things worked. Things had to change so people didn't fall to the same situations as Sky. And the fact there's even subtle shades of Sky's influence in work people still make despite her body of work being so limited I think speaks for itself.

    I just hope she still knows her music deserves to be heard and people want to hear it.

  14. Well she looks great. At least we have that.
  15. Honestly I don’t think she ever looked bad dd. So much beauty and effortlessly cool modeling.
  16. She looks stunning. It's like every new photo jumpstarts my hope of a new album someday.
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  17. She looks great but I also thought she had penciled on a moustache to be Fraaanch
  18. Seeing this lil "update" from my almost birthday twin as Willow's Transparent Soul plays *trisha paytas crying neck*

    We need this Sky what's good Capitol
  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I_have_to_laugh.gif at us Little Skylarks back in 2011-2013 non-stop complaining about how long it took for her to get her act together, stop stealing pickup trucks, put down the Twin Peaks DVD and finally release Night Time, My Time, only for it to be 2021 and we are fed nothing but scraps from everyone but her.

    I mean, fuck Capitol for keeping this on the shelf but also scream at how we've become conditioned to get nothing.
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