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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. It’s the middle of t̶h̶e̶ ̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ March 31st and



  2. I'm actually kinda emotional. I remember listening to Night Time, My Time when it released as a closeted homosexual living with homophobic parents, now I'm a married phag with Masochism releasing. Whew!
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  3. i also hope grant singer has waived a fee for a music video for sky bc we need that magic back!
  4. Sky said you will NOT disrespect my muvva
  5. I feel like this is who will direct her music videos. She is even making an appearance in his first feature film... I'm really curious to see what the single/album art will look like.
  6. This entire phorum to Sky

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  7. A "Haters Anonymous" sequel. Bop.
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  8. Oh wow.

    The fact that Night Time My Time came out when I was 23 and I am now 31. Bless.

    I was ready years ago, but… let’s go, sis.
  9. God forbid she comes out with a release date. This girl, really giving us the least and we’re all like “please sir, give us more (nothing)” salivating at the mouth
  10. The fact that she’s booked for dozens of festivals this June already spoke volumes, but guess it’s official now that the album is finally coming.

    Tbh, I don’t even know what to say.

    She’s always spoken about being a perfectionist and that that’s reason why making music takes so long for her so I’m getting the feeling like we might actually be in for a massive treat. Most artists are forced to stop working on an album after a year or two so the label can drop it, but once they’re left to work their magic for as long as they want (i.e. Melodrama), the end result is often colossal.

    I have a really good feeling about this record. The snippet with “There’s a fire on your street, terrorize the whole community” is giving me life right now and I’m so happy that she’s finally ready to release.
  11. A&E


    Wrong Patrik, she tagged Patrik Sandberg.
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  12. Me listening to the teaser clip on repeat

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  13. I had a whole comment prepared about how "pausing until April" didn't give her much time to do something/anything and then she delivered the absolute bare minimum possible to appease the hounds. All is fully forgiven.
  14. Capitol acknowledging her existence is particularly wild
  15. That $5 went to get Maggie Rogers a pair of shears to give herself a lesbian haircut in her bathroom, the graphic design is kind of copy pasted from the Midnight Sky single cover, but let me not in a moment of peace I suppose.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. So weird to think she exists outside of whatever shared hallucination we’ve been having since 2013
  18. ..........if I eated soap. no I'm didn't, ❤️
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  19. Swear to GOD if she scrapped I Pray For Rain………..
  20. She allegedly did.
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