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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Elon trying to convince Sky to recreate the V Magazine cover with Charli and Grimes, it's true it's true.
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  2. Barf. He craves counterculture approval so badly.

  3. Wait. He gonna ask Charli next to complete the V mag trilogy or-

    Oh, apparently that's a fake NY Post profile... Screaming that it's so believable, though.
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  4. SOMEHOW things have gotten worse.
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  5. You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation!!!!
  6. Dd Sky Ferreira stan just became first on Elon's twitter hit list I fear.

    This is either great promo or will backfire badly when the Musky fanboys start harassing her.
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  7. Elon Musty was not on my Sky Ferreira single roll out moments but then again anything can happen
  8. Bruh lmao
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  9. What's funny is you thinking we're actually getting something ihavetolaugh.gif
  10. You must be a blast at parties.
  11. Not this getting 72k likes nn. Don’t Forget will be a hit, I fear!!
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  12. Drop the single, it's time, people are forgetting
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  13. He responded dd.
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  15. Something tells me she’s… seething. I’d say “if she delays the single” but then we had no date to start with.

    cut to Elon streaming Everything IS Embarrassing within the next 48 hours!
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  16. Awww.. I feel for you!
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  17. If she threw a tantrum and cancelled any release plans over this… well, honestly, could I really disagree with her
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  18. Yeah this is not coming out anytime soon now hahaha. Poor Sky -.-

    That twitter account probably thought they were doing something good for her but are just doing her no favours whatsoever.
  19. She defo did/will and I would totally understand it ngl. It's such an unnecessary mess.
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