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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. The Sky Ferreira quest is never over.
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  2. And that’s Masochism, baby
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  3. What is this pic NO
  4. Its giving Eyes of Laura Mars/Brian De Palma erotic thriller dream sequence.
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  5. It’s from American Woman, another one of her brief acting masterpieces.
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  6. Take with a huge grain of salt, but someone on another forum said that the album was - as expected - not finished yet. Sigh.
  7. Finally listened to the leak. Wig.
  8. I just want to know if something – anything at all – is coming on Friday or not.
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  9. What does your heart tell you?
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  10. The song supposedly drops in two days and there's still nothing dd. If she doesn't do an announcement today then I'm assuming it's delayed again. The gag is.. the song was apparently uploaded to DSP's back in early April.
  11. I'm trying to not listen the leak but she's making it hard.
  12. This gif comes to mind lately

  13. Whoops I've probably listened to the leak 100x
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  14. I think you already know the answer, deep down in your soul, don't you?
  15. That's making me laugh so hard still. Like what happened in April to warrant such a massive delay? The teaser got so much attention, if they had just released the week after, the song could have actually made a dent and we could already be looking at the next single. Instead, any hype she had was wasted and all the people who were eager for the song have probably already listened to the leak.

    It's definitely not coming this week. It was either cancelled or pushed back indefinitely. At first I didn't think they would actually cancel a song that has a music video filmed already, but the long delay and the leak will cost the label so much money in the long run that not putting it out doesn't make a difference anymore.

    I was hyped for it and I still think it's a fabulous song, but hearing from insiders that there isn't even an album yet killed my excitement.
  16. I guess if this doesn't come to fruition that's it for Capitol, I don't see them investing in her again. Not that they were investing much with a teaser and a few tweets, but as some of you pointed out at least they acknowledged her and the project.

    However I'm mostly sure their greedy asses wont drop her, because they would prefer her career dying out on their hands that the possibility of a breakout success with other people.

    They really missed one hell of a chance for her, the teaser got the few people interested hyped and I would have preferred to have the song, without the video, to have it leaked weeks later. I think they/she should be worried about the leak, again the few people left on your fanbase are tumblr gays who know how to find a leak!
  17. I finally listened to about a minute of the leak, and it's exactly what I want from her. It's definitely a continuation of the Night Time, My Time sound I love so much. I'm really craving that official release...
  18. Where are people hearing this leak.
  19. Delayed to next week, May 26th. (confirmed by a very reliable insider)

    I actually can't. What the hell is going on with this release. I held off from listening to the leak again since I thought it was coming out tomorrow, but lemme go listen to it again now. Ffs.
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