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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I haven't heard the leak yet... I think! So, if If IF this is out on 25th, I'm looking forward to hearing it.
  2. So I'm not very familiar with Sky other than seeing the cigs post about her for years, am familiar with the journey ya'll have been on, so I didn't have much to lose listening to the leak. I really liked it? It's giving 80s teen film synths, but also mid 2000s pop/rock Fefe Dobson vibes? Definitely enjoyed it, so perched for the proper release/quality
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  3. Sky’s music reminds me of those early Kim Wilde albums where she was on RCA records. It’s the synths and crunchy sounding guitars. The perfect companion to a John Hughe’s film.

    I can actually hear Sky sing songs like Kids In America, Chequered Love, Cambodia. Anyone else?
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  4. Come through and join your fellow masochists.
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  5. I can hear Kim do Everything Is Embarrassing.
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  6. I’d love Sky’s take on If I Can’t Have You. She would OWN it.

    Ugh she’s so iconic. Girl is a star.
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  7. She's waited 7 years to release this song and she's silent as hell on Instagram nn. Start teasing the damn thing!!
  8. Nn at SkyFUpdates coming for Halsey. Ladies that drama was six years ago let it go!!
  9. Her £40-a-pop headline show still hasn't sold out. The London gays aren't biting!
  10. nn, they responded to you girlie.
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  11. Mmm SkyFUpdates does have a bit of a point. Halsey coming for Sky was uncalled for. Although this whole "MY LABEL IS FORCING ME TO MAKE TIKTOKS!!" does scream of a marketing ploy.
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  12. Who cares who DeuxMoi is, I wanna know the identity of SkyFUpdates
  13. I thought we had already established that it was @Runawaywithme...

  14. I will still go to war for SkyFUpdates!!!
  15. I don’t think playing into Halsey’s lil publicity stunt is gonna do much, but since the week between announcement and single drop is uncharted territory for us Little Omankos I can’t fault SkyFUpdates for not knowing what to do with their time.
  16. Oooh Sky... IMG-5268.jpg
  17. Oo her IG story. I guess she didn’t forget either.
  18. Publicly defending the label that locked her in a dungeon for 10 years just so she can secure her single release? I don't know a better business woman.
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