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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I see the check from Capitol cleared dd.
  2. Capitol is my friend.
  3. Yes girl, secure those vinyl variants and merch
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  4. Sky woke up and said it’s release week dammit
  5. Also, the fact that she's quietly held on to this grudge for the last 6 years until she's just about to drop a single called Don't Forget?

    Queen of promotion and marketing.
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  6. I stan my fellow Cancer and birthday twin. I hope an album announcement follows shortly…
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  7. I need Sky to wait until her song is out before getting bold, because there’s still 2 days before the date and who knows what can happen between then and now.
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  8. If anything, Sky getting messy on main only strengthens my belief it's actually coming on Friday dd
  9. Tea. She’s secure knowing it’ll come. But we need the album announcement too
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  10. The tinfoil hat side of me thinks she's getting Helvetica Extra Bold because the album release date is also coming on Fridee but let me not get myself in speculative ecstasy nn
  11. I’ve been burned too many times, so whatever comes, comes. My wallet is ready just in case.
  12. The way I regret not buying the NTMT bundles when they were up.. not a coincidence I haven’t gotten a proper nights sleep since then
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  13. The way this is perfect promo for her song about holding grudges!
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  14. Get ha, Skylar.
  15. As the release nears, her hateful powers become stronger.

  16. This is exciting.
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  17. ALskalsjsksksk Sky used to be ready to fight on Twitter
  18. Remember when Halsey had Debbie Harry in the Nightmare video and then the next day Sky was posting candid pics of she and Debbie at some event on her IG stories ahajshajehs she hates Ashley
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  19. Sky deleting Twitter kind of made me forget how messy she was, I miss it. Felt like she had beef with someone new every week.
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  20. Remember the fake beef she had with Katy Perry?
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