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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. "On the heels of this, like, 100 percent confident. It’s not like I’m not releasing music till 2023. The album is written. I think there’s some things that need to be finished, and I would like to write some [more] songs. I have so many songs written"

    I am sorry but where does she think she is going to have the time to write and record more songs and release it in 2022? For anyone else maybe, but for Sky considering how long it takes for her to release one song...


    Anyway the song is amazing and I will continue to wait for the next one.
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  2. This is really excellent. I forgot how much I loved her.
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  3. The Vulture piece made me feel sick to my stomach ad;gksfjlhjddkasdgdty
  4.'s amazing.
    Like a punker version of a 1986 Madonna track.
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  5. Even if she gets the album finished in time, I wouldn't be surprised if Capitol make her wait until a vinyl is ready. Unless they're happy to throw the damn thing out with no physicals.

    I can't at her editing the fucking video herself nn.
  6. We need a thread title update.
  7. I have ascended.
  8. Ok but if she's due another session with Ariel can he please convince her to release Guardian (this year) xx
  9. What I got from the Vulture piece is that Capitol have basically just left her to her own devices ddd.
  10. Sam


  11. @ Everyone in this thread

    See you all in 2025 for the next single <3
  12. Sky's devices:

  13. It reminds me in places of Aly and Aj - Paradise, just the dark-sided version.
  14. This is amazing
  15. Fffff I love her.
    "These newer artists...are nothing more than low class pieces of shit. We're their damn mothers" - Sky Ferreira, 2022
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  16. aux


    This is exquisite. It feels so good to have her back.
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  17. I can’t believe i’m listening to a new Sky Ferreira single, but I can believe this song is already SOTY and I haven’t even listened through to the end yet.
  18. Sam


  19. I feel so conflicted, happily bopping to the new single yet quietly seething at that Vulture interview. It never endsssss!
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  20. Oh man this is good. I love how gnarly that bass is!!!
    Great single to lead with, if we were actually getting anything close to resembling an era (hahaha....)

    I'm optimistic for the future at least.
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