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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I don't enjoy waiting but if she just goes silent and doesn't break an excessive number of promises it'll be… fine? This being good reassures me that the album won't let me down if it's ever released.
  2. I'm so happy this is out. It just got me a lot more excited for Primavera.
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  3. This doesn't feel real. I can't sleep because I'm too excited.
  4. If there's one thing to take away from the Vulture piece it's that she's fired up in a way she hasn't been in a long time. It's Sky so she's always going to talk in code and riddles nn but most of what she said made sense. She's in a better place now compared to the Pitchfork cover story where she seemed.. defeated (I was just re-reading it).

    Now let's just pray she can get Descending out before the summer's over.
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  5. This interview with Vogue is also pretty illuminating.

  6. This is entirely 10/10 amazing, but her entire career also raises my blood pressure!
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  7. Also can confirm this is absolutely fantastic and worth the wait (I told you!!!). It's like a T'Pau song forged in the flames of hell.

    I had my first several listens of this on my commute through an intense sunshower that seemed to switch between thunderstorms and gorgeous sunshine every fifteen seconds and if that's not apropos for Sky Ferreira I don't know what is
  8. She's incapable of making a bad song. Oh, how I've missed her so.
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  9. I love it so much. It does feel like she might actually be coming... Ariel needs to do what he did with NTMT and finish whatever songs he is doing with her over a couple weeks and get this ball rolling. We know Descending is pretty much ready to go too.
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  10. Ok, I NEED a full album from it, hurry Sky, I give you 2 more years, is less than 10 dd
  11. She seems to be in a much better place now than she has in years, possibly ever??? It seems like she's got her sparkle back.
  12. Good for Sky on getting such a fantastic song out there. I know this forum has had a kii (myself inflicted) over her lack of release, but this is absolutely excellent.
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  13. Masochism!
  14. This song is amazing.
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  15. This picks up where Night Time, My Time left off. She has one of the best voices in pop music.

    We'll address the unfinished album in a few weeks but for now, she delivered.
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  16. I've listened to this about 10 times so far.
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  17. I’m in Chicago on a grey, rainy day and it’s hitting just where it should. I’ve played this a dozen times. I lived here when Night Time My Time had a chokehold on me, so hearing Don’t Forget alongside the neighborhoods I love, Lake Shore Drive, the incomparable downtown … for a moment it makes me feel peace during a tumultuous week. “Honey, you can see that it’s a rotten world” indeed.
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  18. RMK


    Well, this was the song to hook me in. Did she sound as defiant of Capitol/sure of the album's release when Downhill Lullaby came out? The interview is sporadic, but it comes across like she won't let the release get halted.
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  19. It’s perfect. I’m crying.
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