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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I love you Michelle Branch, please leak Everything Comes and Goes and West Coast Time in lossless dd
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  2. This is fantastic and sounds like a direct continuation of her work on Night Time, My Time.

    Her perfectionist streak is frustrating but she comes up with the goods and with so much music out there at the moment it's actually quite refreshing to see an artist who isn't concerned with sheer volume to inflate their streaming numbers and crafts something special.

    I'm really looking forward to the video because she just eats the camera alive.
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  3. I mean this sounds exactly like the new Hatchie album right?
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  4. It’s the same producer.
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  5. If I'm being honest, I think I enjoy Hatchie's album more. Sky sounds great but something just isn't clicking. Hopefully that will change with more listens.
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  6. The way we finally got the "there's a fire on your street" song about 5 years after that lyric got teased nn.
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  7. Brilliant.
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  8. This is huge.
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  9. Oh wow. This is amazing, ladies.

    Keep it in mind nobody here’s a friend of mine

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  10. I'm guessing the album will be winter at the earliest reading between the lines of that Vulture piece.

    Either way I'm bopping.
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  11. Cheeky. What Ariel songs have leaked? ddd
  12. I read her new interview right before bed and its demonic energy has kept me up all night.
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  13. I think this is the best thing she's ever done. I haven't stopped playing it and probably never will, that's how good it is.
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  14. I'd almost forgotten about Sky because she's been away so long, but this is a brilliant comeback. Definitely checking out her set at Primavera.
  15. I cannot listen to anything else. I had to go to the doctor's today and it was a crazy thunderstorm and I listened to it on full blast with my headphones as I stomped around town in the storm and it was extremely life-affiriming.
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  16. Now that you say it, I can hear Hatchie.

    Am I right in thinking this song has been sat on for years? I guess it’d only be a matter of time until someone beat her to it, despite the suggested label issues.
    Good to have Sky back though with a banger, I just hope we don’t go back to radio silence.
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  17. I love it so much.
  18. Buzzing, what a feeling to listen to new music from Sky. Can't wait to see her at Primavera!
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  19. I actually don't think it does all that much. Hatchie's album is a lot brighter and less cluttered (that sounds like a negative assessment of Don't Forget but I promise it's not). The melodies are also classic Sky through and through to me.

    (Having said that I would absolutely welcome a collab.)
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  20. Muna and Sky on the same day though, they’ve literally been on rotation with each other since 11pm last night.
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