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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [IT'S HERE!!!]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Pitchfork sounds bitter. Sky must have said no to performing at their festival this summer.
  2. I adore the new track, but I don't fully disagree with Pitchfork's take. Like the song isn't exactly breaking new ground for her, and whether that's an expectation that is justified after years of waiting is debatable... But it feels way too premature to be so openly dismissive considering this is just the first taste of the album. They sound a bit pressed.
  3. Keep it in mind nobody here’s a friend of mine

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  4. Pitchfork gives off chaotic needy friend energy, like what do they want from her now nn.
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  5. I haven't trusted them since they savaged Madame X.
  6. Rich Juzwiak is an infamous Mimi stan with an axe to grind. They knew exactly what they were doing with that one nn.
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  7. Getting one of the most well known "idk I just don't like her and I'm gay, sure says a lot about her" gays to review that album - AND do Gawker's 20th-anniversary Erotica retrospective, yes I am still bitter - was such a dick move
  8. Flicking through Instagram stories today and it's just gays sharing the Spotify link to this song (myself included!) - I love my life.
  9. Not to do a pile on–but let me anyway–his Vulnicura review where he complained about Björk not allowing for Matthew Barney’s perspective had me raging.
  10. Was nice to see Grimes repost the song to her Instagram stories. She's been stanning non-stop since the teaser dropped, as has Charli to be fair. She commented on Sky's latest post.
  11. No J*zwiak talk in this thread please, don't ruin the vibes!!!
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  12. Stereogum needs to sick up to Sky so we can put Pitchfork out of its misery.
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  13. Oh God, Pitchfork’s going to make Sky throw a fit and disappear again. Not that she wouldn’t even if she got praise. But yeah.

    Also, who is Sue Park? Their writing is … interesting.
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. We made it to the single. Hit an album home run queen.
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  16. This is a hit. The menacing synths, the vengeful lyrics, and Sky’s venomous delivery? Don’t Forget is a triumph.

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  17. Half a day and she's done 45k streams. Tomorrow's update will give us a better idea of the first day total but I have a feeling this will do quite well (for Sky's standards) in the long run. Hopefully she can do a million by next Friday.
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  18. I really like the song, it's just the right ratio of strange to catchy. Not sure it's gonna be what catapults her to the kind of stardom/recognition she deserves though.
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  19. I think the only thing that will get her to that level is the consistent release of music.
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  20. It’s a great song. Processing the lead vocal as a reverb track itself instead of using the dry vocal with the reverbed track underneath it was a weird choice for a single.

    ETA: I get that she’s going for shoe gaze, I just love her vocal tone and prefer it not so washed out.
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