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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. The music video—her vamping around two different setups, I’m sure—is gonna end me.
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  2. This is so fucking good. I’m crying.
  3. This is very good! The 9-year wait has left a bitter taste though! I won’t overplay this for now. I’ll wait for the album.
  4. What a triumph.

    I’m listening to her unreleased, her cover of Stand Back came on, which always brings back the memory of baby me (totally unaware it was even a cover…) messaging her on whatever outdated social media platform, professing my love for it and asking if it will be released. She responded saying thank you but it was just Skeet playing around in the studio so no.

    31 year old me wishes I had screenshot the message, given the elusive intriguing figure she has become. Oh well - it’s these ties that keep us holding on with her all this time.

    <3 U Sky!
  5. Patrik’s caption and the tag to Capitol Records? Dd

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  6. I'm sure the context of everything is adding to it, but my god does this song sound like a victory lap. It's been used but...

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  7. It’s amazing how good this sounds in HQ. The fuzzy guitar riff and background vocals on the chorus are so earworm-y. It’s also a marked improvement on the mixing of Downhill Lullaby and it makes me really excited to hear she’s still thinking of putting a different mix of Downhill on the album. They do feel of a sonic piece, listened back-to-back. I love how much effort she clearly puts into those details in her music, which makes it even more annoying that this song leaked in terrible quality. I can only imagine how she feels about it.

    Hopefully the positive reaction to this (and the streaming numbers) will motivate her to keep us fed throughout the rest of the year, regardless of whether the album comes or not. It’s so good to have her back. Her perfectionist tendencies can be frustrating, but a song like this is a good reminder that there’s no one like Sky when it comes to delivering when she actually delivers.
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  8. This song is so, so, so much better than Downhill Lullaby (sorry for any hurt feelings caused by this post). I am living.
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  9. She sounds so powerful and commanding, wise like a prophet. I get goosebumps girlies!
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  10. No but seriously, the TEXTURE of this song! I'm ascending at every listen.

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  11. Oneohtrix commenting on her Instagram post… lemme manifest some studio sessions now that he’s done with the new Soccer Mommy
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  12. Love this! Omg!
  13. Interesting that the newly appointed president of Capitol, Arjun Pulijal, also commented on her Instagram. I wonder if something shifted for her at the label under new leadership. It would be a bit of a kii given Halsey’s current struggles.
  14. There really is something almost poetic and darkly hilarious about the fact that label stonewalling is just now becoming a more widely spoken-about issue right as Sky seems to be coming out the other side of it
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  15. Nn, the way I screeched when I read Sky was like “don’t forget who was the original pop girl with label issues!!” in that Vulture piece. Her impact! And JoJo, Tinashe, Aly & AJ’s and so on and so forth
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  16. I keep thinking about this post.
  17. AC8D21A8-BD66-49B8-861D-67DAE0EC4741.jpeg
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  18. The regular conversations I'd have with her during the As If! days via Facebook messenger.

  19. I like it, and it seems like the kind of song that will only get better with repeated listens.
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  20. I listened to the leak once when I was drunk, but tbh the sound quality isn't much different now. 128 kps production qween.
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