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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. That was worth the wait. Still coming down(hill) lullaby. Was front row.
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  2. She was great, her songs are so good ugh however I’m too old to go to gigs that start at 11:45pm

  3. Yes she's still alive!!

    Will there be a studio version? It's a Tamaryn cover:
  4. Not to be dramatic but if I don’t see a setlist soon I’m gonna set myself on fire.
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  5. why am i also screaming at sky updates meeting her
  6. She must have made some tweaks cause Descending's not on there?
  7. I’m a bit perturbed Guardian hasn’t returned to the set at any point.
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  8. The good sis SkyFUpdates is posting videos in a thread. Honestly? She sounds very good.

    It just took her 3 warmup gigs!

    edit: and of course she didn't do All My Lovers Die, but Innocent Kind and Descending
  9. Sky serving “please don’t come any closer”. I cannot.

  10. got Descending in full!!
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  11. Seems like our hero triumphed in the end
  12. Laura Snapes interviewed her for the Guardian, it’s a bit of a tough read. Seems like she’s really been through it over the last few years and.. still is.

    Here’s the link.
  13. The last line made me choke up and then smile.

    “That’s the thing, too,” she says. Most of the artists she loved (like Love, Apple and Aimee Mann) “were in their early 30s when they solidified who they were. So it’s not like it’s all over for me”
  14. That was a really illuminating piece - not shying away from the mess but allowing Sky to address it on her terms. This whole section I particularly enjoyed -
    There’s a self-awareness there that seems to have tended the fire of determination that’s guided her through the darkness of well, her whole life. Her stubbornness is as much her superpower as it is her Achilles heel.
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  15. She’s on the cover of NME, with an interview here. Love the stories she told about Grace Jones.
  16. She is getting amazing promo
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  17. She comes across so well in both of these articles, and it does feel like when the album drops it’s going to be incredible.

    Fuck Capitol!! Put her catalogue on streaming!
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  18. I love her cover of Voices Carry so much.
  19. I've been blasting Voices Carry all morning
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  20. Honestly, same. I hope we eventually get it on streaming officially.
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