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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. If there's one real positive to take away from everything is that the material is really good. Don't Forget, Innocent Kind, All My Lovers Die and Descending sound like discography highlights to me. Those that have the demo to All My Lovers Die have said the studio version is something very special.

    The London show seems like it went down a storm from those who were there, hopefully they've fine tuned the problems they were having (I mean she fired the sound guy..), she puts it down to teething issues and she's able to go on and kill her last two festival appearances. The next shows are 25th and 30th June.
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  2. The Guardian piece says she only owes Capitol 1 more album after Masochism drops, imagine if they had let her release it in 2015. She'd be independent by now.
  3. Honestly, just chuck Cry Baby out there as a vault release and let Sky move on
  4. Hopefully they drop her after Masochism, that or they grant her permission to release Masochism: Side B and it goes towards her contract. It's clear there's no point continuing the relationship after she releases the album.
  5. That Guardian interview is concerning. I'm glad the show last night went as well as could be expected (and she sounds great!) but I do have to wonder if she could benefit from being even less of a public figure than she is now.

  6. They should have let her go years ago, clearly this relationship benefits neither party. I can only assume she got quite a big advance.
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  7. Can we just quote this the next time people in this thread get too brave nn
  8. It's my opinion. Anyway, both are great songs!
  9. The Guardian article was truly fascinating but brutal reading.
  10. So I think I can finally articulate my thoughts on last night...

    Throughout yesterday I was feeling excitedly anxious about the idea of being in the presence of someone who I find both intimidatingly and endearingly 'cool'. Sky is that person for me, she's one of my girl crushes. I hadn't watched any of the Primavera videos but I had my doubts about what the performance would be like and other than the waiting time (which actually was fine as I made friends with a few other solo-ers around me and we may go to CRJ together), she blew all doubts the minute she stepped on stage. I was fortunate enough to be at the barrier and I just couldn't believe she was actually in front of me singing these songs that had been rattling around my brain for the past 8 years (I played 'I Blame Myself' solidly on repeat for a week). The hot sweaty heaving late night crowd added to the atmosphere, the heat was literally palpable. She sounded amazing and though shy and awkward, it felt like you could see her enjoying herself and the love she got from the crowd. I never imagined we'd get over an hours worth of music from her and maybe I'm caught in the hyperbole of the night and still haven't crash landed yet, but I feel genuinely blessed to be at that kind of gig with that kind of artist as who knows when it might come around again.

    I'll try to upload with some photos at somepoint.

    TL:DR - Sky is worth the wait and the theatrics.
  11. I actually didn't like parts of what Laura wrote in that piece, specifically what's quoted by @Nunya B above. What's the relevance of stating that she's trembling and coughing and calling out multiple times her "wheezy" laugh?

    It basically amounts to unsavoury speculation. If it's uncomfortable to witness one on one, why make Sky uncomfortable by telling the world about it? Feels like she's trying to push a specific narrative.
  12. Unrelated to the current discussion but I read a while back that Sky recorded Hands All Over Me in the studio, though I could never find a reputable source. I guess her covering it live somewhat confirms it. I posted this before but imagine if we got that covers EP

    1. Madonna - Live To Tell
    2. Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire
    3. Jorge Elbrecht - Down In Flames
    4. Sinead O'Connor - Jumping Into Rivers
    5. David Bowie - All The Madmen
    6. Morrissey - Last of the Famous International Playboy's
    7. Tamaryn - Hands All Over Me
    8. Til Tuesday - Voices Carry

    I wonder if it's a contender for the album or if it's just something she's doing for fun. It's very similar to her own sound so I wouldn't be mad, those opening synths are incredible.
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  13. I dunno… The reason I found parts of The Guardian article worrying (quoted above) is because Laura Snapes isn’t really known to be sensationalistic with her writing, especially when it comes to female artists.

    I’d like to clarify I’ve never really bought into the rumors that Sky’s a drug addict. But who knows what’s going on. To be honest, most of her interviews in general feature her vaguely repeating about how victimized she is in almost every single area of her life. So I just hope she’s okay, even if she seems to be the common denominator in everything.
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  14. How though? She literally lists all of her illnesses in the article, what is there to speculate about? The girl is clearly sick, maybe the point was so people could have a little more compassion for her having to go through all that she has while also dealing with a bunch chronic illnesses.
  15. Not to open a can of worms or start shit but I honestly felt that the main reason to get such an honest and open article was because of the Halsey X Capitol public feud and going totally fuck it then.

    However it was just honestly fascinating and kind of heartbreaking. She definitely dropped a bomb and went very clear with the Guardian article. I “appreciate” it a lot (really, there has to be a better term but bare with me) that she just casually said everything that has happened the last few years without hesitation and enigmatic riddles. Not that she owns us any explanation, but this is something I’ve been trying to articulate for some time, that I really hoped she could tell exactly what was happening (as if Us, Stans and Casual Fans could actually do something for her as well).

    Don’t even remember if she ever went on public to say she had Lyme, or her Fibroid problem, (not that it wasn’t clear she was dealing with personal stuff) as I felt much of these things were just speculating or captured from sources like her mom. I’m wishing her the best always and that from now on they just find a working path to finish this contract. Either release the music or drop her.

    I also applaud that she still has sense of humor “How many albums weren’t done (…) but in the end there’s some stuff I’m glad they weren’t released so it all worked out” poor CryBaby ddd
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  16. Then at best it's redundant to list out the individual symptoms like this, and at worst exploitative. It just felt icky to me.
  17. Yeah, we knew she had some sort of chronic illness(es), but I don't think she's ever been specific about what exactly she was struggling with health wise until now.
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  18. These parts of that interview are particularly depressing.

  19. Make this the third album. Bye Capitol!
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  20. I just...I need her version of Live To Tell to see the light of day somehow.
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