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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. I feel really sorry for Sky, I hope this album comes out this year and it’s absolutely fantastic. Up yours, Capitol.
  2. Tamaryn shared some lyrics to All My Lovers Die. She also said it's her favourite song that herself and Sky worked on together.

    I shed my deceit
    Because all my lovers die
    I had to let it be
    Up to the bitter end
    You stayed some kind of friend
    Up to the night I failed

    But you never could shut me out
    You wouldn't so I did it myself
    It's only fair now

    If you ever feel that way
    I'll leave your sight
    Then I guess it would come true
    My search for faith
    I let it fill the silence
    But it isn't you
  3. She’s been sharing some performance clips on IG, how have the recent dates been going?
  4. She had a show this weekend which apparently she was 20 minutes late for and only performed half the setlist. Sounded good at least.

    Her final show is Wednesday I believe before she has the rest of the Summer off.
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  5. She sounds pretty good in those videos! Glad she can get off the road and finish that album.
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  6. Her interviews in NME and Guardian are rife with so much pain and frustration. She's really been through so much throughout the years, and I really feel for her. Others have hurled so much misogyny and other bullshit in her direction. I'm so glad that I've always stood with her, despite all the delays and setbacks, because I'm well aware of how misogyny works, and I knew that the long gaps between singles and bodies of work were not inherently her own doing. I mean, for fuck's sakes, she's been saying for years that she's been chronically ill on top of all this label fuckery. I had no reason to believe that she lied about any of it. I hope she enters a better mental state, I hope Masochism comes out the way she wants it, and I hope her thirties are much kinder to her.
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  7. Sky just shared this on her stories… might we actually be getting a recreation of the 2012 cover?

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  8. I know PopJustice hates ~dreams~ but I dreamt that this thread had been retitled to "Sky Ferreira - "All My Lovers Die" PLUS Masochism Oct 21" and I'm sick.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Screaming. Will Young giving promo on the front page of today's Metro. This era just won't let up!
  10. WILL!!!

    Wishing he had included Everything is Embarrassing on his covers album now.
  11. Oh my god
  12. He literally did.
  13. Literally!
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  14. Nn oops I only listened to it once. Good for him! And its great!
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  15. That tracklisting is a 2011-2013 indie girl DREAM
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  16. The cover image is stunning.
  17. She just has it.

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  18. I kinda hate the cover image but the second picture is stunning.
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  19. That was a lovely interview and I had no idea about Elton John managing her??
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