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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    She was seen visiting the double grave of the Don't Forget video / Masochism album last night
  2. The radio silence after the single drop kii. I wonder what the 3rd relaunch attempt single will be next year.
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  3. Releases a song called ‘Don’t Forget’.

    Promptly forgets about it.

    That’s so Sky!!!
  4. It’s been so long and she’s been so quiet, i’m kinda assuming the video for Don’t Forget is just… not ever coming at this point? Which is a real shame, the song deserves one. If this is the case, hopefully the focus is now on finishing the album :) *clown emoji*

    Don’t Forget really is massive though. There was a trick but we still got the treat.
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  5. She's not been that quiet? She did a shit ton of magazine press literally two weeks ago.
  6. I guess so, you’re right she’s not been silent on it. I meant more in the way of teasing that a video is ready & imminently on the way like most artists do with a big new single. We’re coming up on two months since the song dropped on streaming platforms now, whole movies have been edited together in less time.
  7. It would be a shame if we didn’t get the video. The single artwork is lush and captures the song’s essence perfectly.
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  8. That’s very optimistic of you
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  9. Her editing the video by herself right now

  10. When she scraps the real video and does a 1 minute video of her running around a cemetery instead filmed on an iPhone XR and only posts it on her instagram
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  11. I assumed the video would have been out by now - so taking that it's been scrapped
  12. The video is still coming - as per a DM she sent to a fan "she had to pick" between the tour and finishing the video. She chose the tour - but now she's working on the video. Also the good sis Tonia is still very confident it's coming - in amongst calling out Capitol on TikTok and providing updates on Sky's cats.
  13. Tonia is an icon. I love that she advocates for trans rights, stricter gun laws and for women to have autonomy over their own body in between dragging Capitol and Halsey! Queen!
  14. So she is editing it herself??
  15. Can't remember which interview it was when the single came out, but it mentioned she had been working on the video herself.
  16. I do a fair amount of video editing in my job... I imagine there isn't a lot of post-production or VFX in the video so really it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to edit it. The single came out nearly 2 months ago, video should've been done by release date.
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  17. Well, this is Sky we're talking about. Nothing in her career should take as long as it does.
  18. Aren’t these jokes a bit tired now?
  19. And still I stan
  20. Honestly, all other iPhones wish they had the battery capacity of the Xr!
    Mine is still going strong after 3 years? I lost count. And Apple / capitalism won't see another penny soon unless I install iOS 16 / planned obsoleting.
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