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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Is this the sequel to the Not Gonna Get Us video?
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  2. Not Gonna Release Us

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Listening to Don't Forget again and the epic-ness of it all is too much. Even if she did only release a single a year, if it's that level I would happily accept that.
  5. She posted a clip of the video on her stories and said she made it over 3 months ago, and that’s all she’s saying about it. Sounds like it’s not being held up because of her.

  6. The label probably wanted it sooner than she finished it and then when it wasn't ready within weeks of the song dropping they lost interest in releasing it.
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  7. Does her label just not realize how so many music blogs/sites/magazines come running when Sky does something? Just put out the music, Capitol.
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  8. i t n e v e r e n d s . . .

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  9. Yeah, I don’t get, she seems to create loads of media buzz, why on earth would they not want to just drop video?!
  10. At this point the only logical reasoning I can think of behind all this mess is that someone high up at Capitol has a personal vendetta against Sky.
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  11. Capitol saw JUNE 9 and said 2023, sure.

    Didn’t she mention that she was working on the video early June anyway? How could it be “made for 3 months ago”

    Also the way the whole thing looks like one single shot/set up of her miming the song dd.
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  12. It doesn’t make any sense for Capitol to want to block the video. The amount of buzz that Sky makes any time there’s a mention of something let alone a full song, they as a record label do not have to work hard to publicize her. It isn’t adding up for me.
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  13. I’m so tired.
  14. Didn't she literally say a while back she had to choose between doing the tour and editing(?) the music video? Clearly the video wasn't ready three months ago.
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  15. Surely she can leave the editing to Patrik Sandberg (I think or it's Grant Singer) and that all just happens remotely anyway?
  16. Are the fans okay?

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  17. Capitol really has the power to block the release of a VIDEO? The single is already out and the video apparently is ready, I don't see any sense at all on blocking a video to be released.
  18. We really fell for it again huh.
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