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Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" [...]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. That list of names... the randomness fff
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  2. It’s giving “shot with the extra film left on set from Celebrity Rehab Season 8”
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  3. A song titled 'Home Sweet Home' leaked. It's produced by Blake Mills and is from the same sessions for Ghost as Sad Dream and Rancid Girl.
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  5. Okay but we need a longer Sky version of Hallucination, if it exists
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  6. Not an 11 year-old demo.
  7. Okay but the girlies also want I'm Not Alright since we have the lyrics.

    I’m weary, I’m ill
    And I blame it on the art of getting by
    I look in the mirror and I wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied
    Wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m traumatized
    But truth be told, I’m not alright

    I need it!

    Getting old demos are what the gays should have been doing the whole drought time.
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  8. Let me pray for mass Ferreira leak. I've been dying for those SoundCloud snippet songs forever.
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  9. Tumblr?

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  10. Honestly people still believe it's the record label's fault?

    I'm a huge fan of her debut, and so far only, album, but let's face it she's not serious about her career and it's tiring with all her excuses by now. Seriously one song every third year because she's a "perfectionist"? Do people really buy into that?

    It's sad though, I'm one of those who patiently have been waiting for a follow up from her for years now and I actually really dig Don't Forget (eventhough she doesn't break any new ground with it let's be real, but still a good track fitting her "brand"), but by the looks of it I'm not sure we will ever get a second album.
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  11. Another old track leaked by the same Tumblr where Gloves leaked. Definitely think this is from around the As If/Cry Baby era.
  12. Sam


    now wait a min
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  13. I'm so sorry for your struggle </3
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  14. Obsessed with Descending again, such a triumph of a song. Hope it gets released someday!
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  15. A downhill lulaby if you will.
  16. I'm still just so happy I got to see her live for a half hour if nothing else this year
  17. I didn't bother with her Southbank Centre gig primarily on the assumption that she'd be doing her own tour after the album was released.

  18. RMK


    I could see the label getting cold feet if they paid for a music video, Sky jumped in and decided to edit it, and then they weren't happy with the finished product or it took too long to get properly finished. They could've had a plan to launch the video that got scrapped. We don't know enough about it - I doubt it's binned entirely.

    I feel for her label struggles, but I wouldn't always jump to Capitol being satan in absolutely everything.
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  19. the Night Time, My Time reissue on vinyl (or CD, don't remember) it is still in talks? It's so rare to find a physical of the album nowdays
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