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Sky Ferreira - Downhill Lullaby (& 2nd Album Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Scream! She just turned the same age as me in the same week! And to think how much my life has changed since I heard One for the first time, and her cover of Animal. I can only wonder how her life has changed since then... I wish she would share it more through music and not random instagram posts, she always had a very special way of seeing the world and expressing it.
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  2. I genuinely feel the same way about her as she does about David Lynch. Ever since I was 13 when I first heard You're Not The One I was hooked on her, and I've been listening to that album and Ghost pretty much daily since then, she just has such a unqiue edge about her I find so fascinating, I was obsessed with everything about her and still am. Ever since that album dropped I have changed so much but never grown tired of it. From the darkest darkest corners of my teenage years to now finally crawling out the other side Night Time, My Time has been a constant staple in my life. Oh god, I'm getting emotional now, I might need to go and spin my green vinyl and bop in my room like it's 2014 again. I just love her so much and would love to someday meet her but I'm scared I would freak her out a bit with how much I emmersed myself in her music and the world she created with it.
  3. Happy birthday, grunge queen!

    With an actual release schedule she could be the peak Madonna-Courtney hybrid that the pop world needs.
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  4. Happy Birthday Sky! Happy to share a birthday with you despite my forum one being listed as tomorrow...

    Looks like she's in the studio based on her IG so hopefully new music follows!
  5. The Ghost EP has appeared on Spotify?

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  6. When is Masochism being uploaded?
  7. I didn't realize Sky & I were so close in age. Ddddd.
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  8. Omg you guys, she’s been rehearsing for Pitchfork and hasn’t cancelled. I’m so proud of her. I can’t wait to see the low quality cell phone snippets on YouTube.

    Dear grunge God, please let there be some sort of big announcement or more performances to come afterward. And may Sky slayyyyy and get lots of new fans and pressure to release new music. But not too much pressure plz, a nice Sky-speed motivation level would be great.
  9. I
  10. This is Sky Ferreira we're talking about though. Her performance at Pitchfork is not guaranteed to happen until like an hour after she's finished her set. Literally anything could happen with her.

    Also it's going to be a total scream when we all realize she took Guardian off her set list because of the leak.

  11. You’re right. I need verification that she is in Chicago, with all her equipment, the band, and that her vocal chords aren’t not hemorrhaging. To play it safe someone should really just wheel her around Mariah-style for the next few days. She has people for that right?? Or maybe just hire a crackhead off the street(for protection)
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  12. Apparently her set it in 10min and there's already technical difficulties ddd.

    Pitchfork not including her in their livestreamed sets is homophobic.
  13. I believe she has come on stage properly now but:

  14. We did it kids

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  15. “Only” twenty minutes late. My queen Madonna still inspiring the girls almost 40 years on, legends only!
  16. Her "Voices Carry" cover:
  17. Voices Carry sounds updated like she mentioned when uploaded the demo.
    Ugh queen perform a new song that you'll never release please


  18. Only 20 minutes late? That’s basically arriving early in Sky timing. We stan a newly punctual queen!
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  20. Apparently she said "Descending" is out "soon" kill me
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