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Sky Ferreira - Downhill Lullaby (& 2nd Album Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    '2nd Album'

  2. Can we move this to Comeback Corner yet? I'm over it.
  3. Love my doom goblin, but I think that section of the forum is made for her at this point.
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  4. She commented (again) on instagram that music is coming and claims it's finished, although "the state of the world (and recovering from health related/surgery stuff right before) put things back".
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  5. I only just realised that the Ghost EP is now on UK spotify?! I swear it didn't used to be
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  6. ffff of course
  7. Hasn’t the album been ready 4 years now? Hasn’t new music been coming 4 years now?
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  8. Imagine around a day before lockdown started Sky walking up to the Capitol office with the final mastered copy of Masochism in her precious hand's only to be told before she could get in the door that were shutting down all operations because of Miss Rona.
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  10. It would be level on-brand for her if the only time in seven years that she was able to release a new album was during a global pandemic that’s shut nearly everything down.
  11. It's only appeared on streaming services quite recently, I think last year?
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  12. “Rain on Me” sounds like “Walking On Air.”
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  13. Island

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    Wrong thread?
  14. Rain on Me is fan made apparently.
  15. She's tweeted more about Trump today than she has about her own music in the last few months kii

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  16. Well at least now it's been consistent for the "excuse" that she can't put music without putting her vision etc etc etc. Went to the first pages of this thread and it was a RIDE, how also the first "delay" was exactly "I was going make Guardian but then nothing else would happen and I didn't want another everything is embarassing situation" which would be... fair. Too bad nothing else happened anyway.
  17. I just wanted the Night Time vinyl reissue she talked about back then.
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  18. The way they really passed on this for... no reason (?) especially when the Vinyl revival has been a nice wave to surf on and get some coins. Her x Capitol must be like the last Hell Zone possible.

    Would be cute to have Pretty Dull even if Vinyl rip only.
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  19. It's all a joke. She just talks.
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