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Sky Ferreira - Downhill Lullaby (& 2nd Album Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. It's just frustrating because she wouldn't put it out even if we weren't in a pandemic, it would be something else. I know that alot of shit has happened that's out of her control and I do really feel for her struggle but it's literally always something. I don't even think it would bother me as much if she herself didn't make endless promises that she knows she won't deliver on, and then take a nasty tone with her fans. She talks a lot about how her circumstances are so different from other artists' and it's been so long that I don't really understand why? I understand she doesn't have the resources to do what she wants to do, but she never will if she goes another 6 years without putting material out.
  2. I know this is extremely grain of salt/nowhere near any kind of confirmation, but I listen to this podcast called Not Really (which is great bitchy gay content btw) and one of the hosts Patrik Sandberg is close friends with her and directed that short film called IRL she was in, and he's not-so-subtly hinted a few times towards the fact that the album is completed musically and that he's heard it.

    So I think that does perhaps add some validity to the idea that musically everything is complete, there's just nothing else prepared visually or otherwise for the album. But again, the pre order could be up and I'd have doubts it's really coming, nn.
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  3. RMK


    She could've always been dropping singles over the years or now, because it is ready, drop something to keep listeners in tune. I'm not the biggest fan, but even just from watching on the sidelines this seems exhausting.
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  4. The album can be done and she'll sit with it til she gets bored and decides that songs 8,9 and 11 need to be redone from zero because she *spins wheel* got the wrong tingles when she played them for her cat on 3:40am.

    Her mom already mentioned the record being done as well since last Autumn if I recall it correctly. Of course there are issues and so on, private problems, but she's been teasing endless songs and could already have avoided an "everything is embarassing" situation.

    For now on I believe she'll try to work on ~her visuals and maybe late 2021 we'll get a follow up for "Downhill Lullaby". Descending, 2 years after being performed, would be cute.
  5. The fact that we didn't even get a music video for "Downhill Lullaby."
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  6. Surely in SkyFanFiction fashion she would be the one tumbling down the manhole. This would trigger a 2 year campaign of Sky posting the same photos of her bruises and broken bones on insta.
  7. Y'all might hate me for posting this, but I feel like in the long term Sky *might* actually benefit from holding onto the album while she becomes this sort of ~elusive chanteuse~ figure. She's a huge Hope Sandoval/Kate Bush/Fiona Apple/Nico fan, so it aesthetically makes sense for her I guess?
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  8. It's been seven years since her last (only) album and it took her three years to even be able to release her debut; how much more elusive can Sky get?
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  9. But she isn't on their level lyrically, at least not yet. And they're all outwardly intentional with their breaks. Sky talks way too much about plans that never pan out to sell me on this "artistic aspiration", especially when she's blaming everyone else for her own lack of output.

    She comes off as scattered, unorganized, confused, & unreliable. I don't say that she IS any of those things because I don't know for sure, but as a fan, the image she portrays is anything but ~elusive mythical art pop queen~.
  10. Hope we get a line as iconic, award-winning and emotionally transcendent as

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  11. Bringing this back
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  12. Just ONE episode?! That doesn’t require a press release muffy
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  13. It’s an anthology series. Think of it as her low-rent Miley Cyrus doing Black Mirror moment. Kii if she plays a character that actually releases music.
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  14. plz be saef :(
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  15. Youreadreameryoudreamalotinyoursleep.gif

    This is cute but I think it'll just be similar to Twin Peaks.
  16. Did that scene get deleted off the internet? I literally can't find it anymore.
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  17. I tried looking for it a few months ago and couldn’t find it. Someone please reupload so I can giggle every so often.
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  18. The Skylight Xone EP coming 2024.

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  19. I logged into Tumblr for the first time in years and all of my flagged posts were Night Time, My Time's cover.
  20. Night Time My Time deserves every bit of its classic status.

    Just curious, when was the last time Sky talked about releasing Masochism?
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