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Sky Ferreira - Downhill Lullaby (& 2nd Album Discussion)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. She clearly has money, connections, etc. because every acting scene I've seen her in is accidentally hilarious & it's been almost a decade since she released an album. She doesn't care about music.

    And not me actually thinking that was Tones & I before I went back a page...
  2. Even that deep fried blonde wig is making me scream.
  3. The fact that the fictional characters are begging her to sing so they can record imitates life.
  4. I was so excited to see some activity in this thread... Now I understand that there's no new music. I think this thread should just be deleted. Clearly she doesn't care about music or her fans.
  5. Girly shut up.
  6. I lowkey stan how every job she has is a side job. Go girl give us nothing!
  7. Her best acting role to date is still Girl On Exercise Bike in Pop The Glock.
  8. Remember when Dannii released her 1995 sessions like 20 years later or something? Yeah, that.

    I'm still somewhat perched/parched... Like, whatever.
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  9. I'll be ready for Record Store Day 2040 when she puts out a 7" of 'One (demo version)' on doom gremlin coloured vinyl. That you can only buy in Albania.
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  10. I feel like you say this in a lot of threads around here.
  11. Move her to Comeback Corner where she belongs.
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  12. I don’t remember saying it anywhere else. But in Sky’s case, I mean it. I care about her music which is why I’m invested in it.

    It really can’t be that hard to just chuck everything she’s done so far on a double album. I know she’s got a vision for the album and she’s worked really hard etc., But what’s the point in all of it if no one gets to hear it and decide for themselves? She’s had one album out and probably 4 others just rotting never to be released.

    I remember making jokes about Florrie and Sky, but at least Florrie gave us 3 more songs after being in studio purgatory. Sky is... lost somewhere in the idea of making a second album, still!
  13. She did? Oop let me go investigate.
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  14. In her bedroom?
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  15. Can y’all just like...stop with this shit? Jokes are jokes, and I get that it’s been a long wait for new music, but I’m highkey sick of reading dramatic posts like this every four months.
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  16. She deleted her Twitter account...
  17. Good dd.
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  18. Nah it’s still up
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  19. Did something happen?
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