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Sky Ferreira - "Downhill Lullaby" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. She's gonna be the first victim and was murdered before the start of the film.
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  2. There's a petition for her going around. It's at 1.2k signatures so far:
  3. Signed, though when has a petition ever really done anything?
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  4. Probably "the Snyder cut" is the only thing in memory I can think of where fan pressure, petitions and requests have done enough to make something happen. Release the Skyfer cut, Capitol.
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  5. Also the Sonic movie nn
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  6. I think learning to let go and realise nothing is coming any time soon - and that isn’t Sky‘a fault necessarily - really made me appreciate Night Time, My Time more and see it for what it is - a stone-cold modern classic. If that’s all she gives us, it’s enough
  7. Labels literally do nonsensical shit like this to artists everyday, I don't get why it's suddenly so unbelievable in her case?
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  8. Could it have been a way to extend her contract? Like how Fox would put out a bad Fantastic Four movie only to hold onto the rights longer... Not sure if that's how it works but it felt like it was supposed to start something for her next phase and nothing came from it. I truly don't like Downhill Lullaby.
  9. Because it's been almost 8 years and at a certain point it's just difficult to believe it's truly as one-sided as it being Capitol's fault (as she has kept alluding to).

    She received a lot of press with Pitchfork and Playboy and it's just strange they'd do all of that unless there was a project in the can. They need to SZA her and just take the hard drive.
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  10. And...? Jojo was stuck in her bad deal for just as long. Like I said, it happens everyday. Nothing about it is difficult to believe.
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  11. I think the fact Sky signed her contract a day after she turned 15 may have something to do with this. Captiol clearly thought she was going to be the "next Britney" as she has stated mutpile times, and then when she rebelled, they made everything difficult for her. She had to fund the recording and vinyl pressings of Night Time, My Time herself.
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  12. At this point she is the problem.
  13. I’m calling bullshit on Sky or “her family” being in support of or even aware of that petition.

    We know that she funds recording herself and that there’s a rocky relationship with Capitol at least in the past but that’s it. Everything within the last year said about new music directly from Sky has been about it not being ready or being delayed because of COVID, nothing to do with Capitol blocking a release.
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  14. It's a bit of a frustrating situation. Sky has been one of my favourite artists of all time, from discovering her in my early teens to me still listening to her music on a pretty much daily basis now. I was 15 when she announced Masochism, I remember being so excited at the prospect of new music. Over the years, I never stopped listening to her album, and thinking something was just around the corner. My friends even stating asking me "did she ever bring out that album?" I was beginning to loose hope and then Downhill Lullaby dropped, and I loved it and suddenly it felt like it was actually about to happen. And then nothing. I think at some point over the last year so I began to accept that Masochism may remain a thing of my imagination. I think no one truly knows what's going on apart from Sky, and I hope that sometime she will be able to sit down and explain it all. Until then, I'll keep listening to her music and fantasising about the parrell universe where she is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.
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  15. I'm on my monthly listen of I Pray For Rain.
  16. Same but “Guardian”.

  17. I've never listened to this album, I used to bop to One and Obsession but she completely fell off my radar after that. It was by chance I saw Will Young will be covering Everything is Embarrassing on his new album and went for a listen and now I can't get enough of it. Excited to check this album out over the weekend
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  18. ....and welcome to the curse of the never-ending wait! You were probably better off before listening to the album.
  19. Not the Netflix show Special having a running joke about Sky in its new season. More promo than she's gotten in years!
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  20. What's the joke?
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