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Sky Ferreira - "Downhill Lullaby" + 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. It starts out with the lead character saying his diva of choice is Sky because Everything Is Embarrassing is a perfect pop song, but she's unreliable when it comes to promising new music ddd. Then in a later episode they play Everything Is Embarrassing.
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  2. Dd love it.
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  3. Not sure if that's a joke or if it's the lead character just stating facts.
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  4. It's doing the rounds that she... Works at a book shop? If that's true then I'd be inclined that Captiol really are fucking with her.
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  5. “Not even her” bye
  6. The backhanded compliment promo in Special was amazing.
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  7. She really punched out a classic album at 21 and said "Fuck it" to the rest of her twenties. Ddddd.
  8. Sky has booked Primavera next year?!

    I guess booking is not the same as actually playing ddd.
  9. Bahahaha! She... DESERVES IT! Also, I feel for the creators/writers of the show who are obviously fans!

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. Her royalties must have dried up by now/are drying up.

    That HAS TO be a typo, right? Maybe Sky, the less known Canadian band is making a comeback?
    Sky Ferreira will never release Masochism! Do we have anyone on here who works at Capitol - who is willing to do the world a favour and leak the album in WAV?
  10. God I'm tempted to book a holiday to Barcelona for that line up. Watch me fly all that way and her cancel at the last minute.
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  11. I can’t believe her name is still in font size 2 on the Primavera poster.
  12. Sky's booked.....really.....I can't imagine her showing up
  13. Maybe she will combine it with an Erasmus cemester?
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  14. @SkyFerreiraFans on Twitter must be elated they finally have something to tweet about nn.
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  15. Hopefully the book shop approves the time off.
  16. She played for free at Primavera... *checks* in 2014. She's not a big name after all just one record.
  17. I actually have tickets for this, I’m still going hoping she will play, I know she won’t, but I can dream
  18. I mean she played Pitchfork fest like 2 years ago. Yes it was a mess but she still showed up. Can't wait for her to play Descending again and not release it.
  19. She also played a random show in South Korea the next day. There aren't many vidoes from it but it did happen.
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  20. Nelly's never ending impact.

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