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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Sky Ferreira in being a liar shocker.
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  2. 2014

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    No smilies please! (Especially in this thread) x
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  3. I’m curious as to what people think of the original Sky singles? One is a favourite of mine from her.
  4. 99 tears is a BOP and also what happens to me when I think about Masochism/Soap EP
  5. Everyone loves One. Everyone hates Obsession, but secretly bop. 17 is kinda divisive, but largely forgotten. The EP is universally loved.
  6. I hear “Obsession” out regularly, which is so strange. Perfect mall song.
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  7. First Base & Dynamite State were fun.
  8. My favourite Sky track (one of them) is '108'.
  9. American Dream, which I used to be completely obsessed with back then, has aged terribly, hasn't it. The vocal production on that one is weird.

    Also I'm still pissed that the only good quality version of Wish I Stayed has that loud delay on every single line, which is not present on the shit quality MySpace rip.
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  10. Every officially released debut era Sky track is amazing. The EP + the 3 singles + Shiny Toy, Too Many Boys, and her version of Ambulance would have been my album of 2010 or my #2 album of the year of 2011. Such a shame.
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  11. Yaaaasss finally and people only liked it cause the Frankmusik association.

    I think there was a super clear / HQ version of Wish I Stayed that was used by some fashion site in like a minute ad that never ended up leaking in full.
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  12. I still bop to "Touch and Go"... It's so terrible on the surface but it really pops off.
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  13. I wish she would put something out.
  14. yes, one of my favourites! "got a heavy disguise the devil wouldn't even recognise" haunts me all the time.
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  15. No matter what happens I still need "sliiiiide onto me", "so let's get high" and the full version of Hallucination at some point. That Soundcloud era was such a damn tease.
  16. She's mixing Guardian on her IG story

  17. As in, she put the CD containing the only mp3 of Guardian inside of a KitchenAid mixer?
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  18. The sad thing is that just listening to that voice and those 80s synths after all this time still makes me like
    “I want to be free” indeed.
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  19. It sounds genuinely incredible. I think i might actually die from an overload of emotion when i hear it the first time.
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  20. "Mixing Guardian after playing it live for 4 years" I just... She really is full of shit. Didn't she insist that the song was ready to go three years ago?
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