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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. She is so full of shit!

    But the song sounds really good! Why don’t you fucking give it to us already, Sky?!
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  2. The last 2 weeks in music has left everyone with no follicles, she didn't have to do this to us now
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  3. The thing is, for all the merciless "it's coming" comments and snippet teasing she's been doing over the last millennium, y'all know the instant Ms. Sky Tonia Ferrero-Rocher drops ANYTHING all will be forgiven. My faith in her creativity has never wavered (just my trust in her having any sort of release timetable)
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  4. Wasn’t she teasing a song called Fire at some point too? Like August 2015 if my PTSD recalls that correctly?
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  5. Somewhere out there, there's a universe where we don't know if it would be too much overkill to have a Sky Ferreira rate along with her in the Big Pop Girls and Alt Pop Girls rates all at the same. We decide that no, it's not and she blocks out the Winner's Rate as well.
  6. Guardian sounds so good! I wonder if there’s any chance of it coming soon. I mean she’s mixing it... it’s be nice to think it will come... but it is Sky... but is it bad to be a little hopeful?
  7. I have never experienced hating and loving an artist this much simultaneously before.
  8. She's mixing Guardian, that's a good sign, at least she didn't drop that song, she's still perfecting it. Maybe four years ago she felt it was somewhat incomplete? There was something missing, and she needed to live a little to find out, so now she can finally add that secret ingredient into the final mix. Did you know it took Leonardo Da Vinci 14 years to complete Mona Lisa? Yes, he had been re-working her famous smile for many years before he could finally put it to rest. Imagine Sky as a musical painter who wants to achieve perfection in her sonic landscapes. It might take many years, but such amazing body of work as Night Time My Time wouldn't have been the same, had Sky been any different.
  9. Nah. She's just a liar.
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  10. Mate, you’ve either taken a little too much of something or you’re just too sweet.. but she’s just a liar.
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  12. "lol"
    I'm at the stage where if it comes, it comes. If it doesn't I don't really care getting worked up about it anymore.
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  13. I thought that was a new tweet. *upside-down smiley face emoji*
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  14. [​IMG]
    I wouldn't believe her if she tells us it's coming tomorrow at this point.
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  15. Every day we don't get Guardian we stray further from the light.
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  16. Laugh of the day came courtesy of Sky's Spotify where "Feeling Accomplished" and "Move On & Don't Look Back" are listed as some of the playlists people most often discover Sky on.
  17. Over half of that album was recorded in like two weeks.
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  18. I literally hate her.
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  19. I kind of live that she keeps trolling people (intentionally or not).

    Ready for her to announce a date,a tracklist and the lead single and claim it wasnt about the music 3 years after, queen.

    (Jokes aside, when this will finally comes out I am so thrilled to see how she developed her sounds from her brilliant debut)
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  20. Hey guys,
    I'm not sure if this is okay or the right place to ask but for my folio to get into a college course I've just applied too, i have to write a journalistic piece and I've decided to do it mostly on Sky's debut and the impact it has had on it's listener's and what it is about her that we have all clicked with. So if any of you wouldn't mind sharing a few words about the album (could be anything, with as much or as little detail as you like) it would be very much appreciated. Thank you, and I'm really sorry if this isn't allowed. And for bumping this notorious thread.
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