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Sky Ferreira

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Ok but her Instagram stories set in that grotty karaoke room are iconic. The Like a Prayer snippet. Yas.
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  2. If she keeps singing like that, the next set of endoscope photos will be even more gruesome.
  3. At this point I'd be THRILLED if she uploaded phone recordings of her doing karaoke to Soundcloud. That's how desperate I am. Her rendition of "Crush" by Jennifer Paige was amaze.
  4. She uploaded an Instastory of "singing 11 hours straight" at Capitol Studios. Glad they're still letting her in I guess ddd

    Could this be another case of them forcing her to record and release an album urgently like with Night Time?
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  5. If so, count me in. Look at how Night Time, My Time turned out.
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  6. They should honestly change the locks.

    She’s a damn mess.
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  7. I didn't think it happened this way? I thought she self-funded the album, rush-recorded it, then handed it to them and they allowed it to be released since they hadn't spent anything on it.
  8. She just tweeted, deleted and re-tweeted this. confirmed.jpg
    At least now we "know" she's aiming for an album, not just an EP. *japanese shrug emoticon*
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  9. I must admit that most of the time I've no idea what she's talking about.
  10. I assume she's talking about Zachary. Unless wait are they dating again?

    I don't even fucking know anymore.
  11. We're never getting this album fam just delete this thread
  12. New Sky!
  13. She keeps giving us these little reminders she's still amazing and her voice is addictive... I truly believe this year we're going to hear Guardian and all will be forgiven. Such is magic of Sky Ferreira.
  14. Ray


    Aww, the new thread title. Bless us little masochists (official name for Sky fans, right?).
  15. I want to live inside the ‘Night Time, My Time’ video.
  16. I am still partial to "Little Omankos"
  17. I know we drag our poor bleached baby about never releasing music but if you compile all the collaborations she's done since Night Time, My Time you get a really solid grungy/alt-rock EP

    My Molly ft. Ariel Pink (2013)
    Blue Bordeom ft. DIIV (2014)
    Where The Light Gets In ft. Primal Scream (2016)
    Black and Blues ft. The Jesus & Mary Chain (2017)
    The Two of Us ft. The Jesus & Mary Chain (2017)
    Pain Killer ft. Iceage (2018)
    1980-99 ft. SSION (2018)

    Prolific queen x
  18. Where The Light Gets In is such a banger.
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