Sky Ferreira

I do a fair amount of video editing in my job... I imagine there isn't a lot of post-production or VFX in the video so really it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to edit it. The single came out nearly 2 months ago, video should've been done by release date.

Well, this is Sky we're talking about. Nothing in her career should take as long as it does.

She was seen visiting the double grave of the Don't Forget video / Masochism album last night
Aren’t these jokes a bit tired now?
When she scraps the real video and does a 1 minute video of her running around a cemetery instead filmed on an iPhone XR and only posts it on her instagram
Honestly, all other iPhones wish they had the battery capacity of the Xr!
Mine is still going strong after 3 years? I lost count. And Apple / capitalism won't see another penny soon unless I install iOS 16 / planned obsoleting.
The label probably wanted it sooner than she finished it and then when it wasn't ready within weeks of the song dropping they lost interest in releasing it.
Capitol saw JUNE 9 and said 2023, sure.

Didn’t she mention that she was working on the video early June anyway? How could it be “made for 3 months ago”

Also the way the whole thing looks like one single shot/set up of her miming the song dd.
It doesn’t make any sense for Capitol to want to block the video. The amount of buzz that Sky makes any time there’s a mention of something let alone a full song, they as a record label do not have to work hard to publicize her. It isn’t adding up for me.
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