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I mean, around the time Don't Forget came out and before the disastrous gigs and the video never materialising and so on, I think it looked like things were lining up for a relatively smooth campaign. The song was good, the reception was great, the label seemed to be backing it, etc. Of course that lasted like a week or two before it all starting going downhill.

A song!!

I wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to organise some kind of exit deal with Capitol. A lot of the delays before were about making sure there was a solid campaign in place with both Sky and the label happy and on the same page. Now that there's been so much time, and it's clear that that's not going to happen - it wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to reach an agreement where they'll just put it on streaming one day, let her out her contract and leave all the promo etc up to her. Then again this is Sky so who knows.
..... Okay?

Re: the Dazed interview, it's hilarious (and expected) that we're at the same exact place we were in June. She said the same exact things about the album and video months ago. There's been zero movement. I don't understand what the point of these articles are. The paragraphs where the writers chime in on her appearance, "brief disappearances", and delays seem to say the most on her current state, anyway.
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It’s a cool photo. But yeah, and?
Maybe this is a bad take & I don’t claim to know much about how the music industry really works, but perhaps publicly slamming your label at every single opportunity to isn’t helping the rollout of this record anymore? Maybe it is, if so, carry on Sky. Full support etc. I’m just very very tired of being a stan and following this album’s cursed journey for *checks watch* a decade. Masochism, truly.
These interviews were all conducted in June, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the situation has changed by this point (i.e, Capitol aren’t granting an album release). She’s liking posts from the #freeskyferreira account Instagram.

The best thing she can do at this point is actually finish the album and make a video about her situation and put it on Instagram. Talking in absolute’s and not riddles. She has nothing to lose anymore.
I do want to sympathize with her, but the way she's still serving excuses like her dog ate her homework while all her former metaphorical classmates finished high school, graduated college (sorta) and got jobs in the time she's been able to hand in two (2) assignments is quite something.

As an underachieving, early 30s gay who's stuck in the past and triggered by his friends' babies Instragram feeds I can definitely relate!