Sky Ferreira

It's absolutealy awkward how loaded\triggered people get while discussing her, like.... It's not even about this thread, but there's a huge crowd that enjoys going full "She's lying! She's a Psychopat! Absolutely wasted on DRUGS and that's why she's lying!" and it's like... sit down. I promise life will go on if you never hear Descending or whatever song that was supposed to be released. It's just so clear that there are many things that are out of her hands, even if it's a budget issue or not being able to release a Music Video.

Of course there's a part of "blame" that comes from her, but you can't literally go on and call her the worst things on earth without thinking just a little about the fucking problem of being under a corporation like a Major Label. Like, yes, they can fuck up your life and... they do own you with contracts and deals. It's absolutely terrifying to imagine what type of Contract they put these underage girls while they're chasing success. Imagine being signed while 16 on the project of being "the next Britney Spears", seeing every attempt to launch you just fall over like a house of cards, growing up and realizing you're really not in the mood for shiny-sparkling synthpop and want to drive yourself to somewhere else, while the Label that made the first project already invested Million$ on 3 Music Videos, a whole album that was shelved (and it wasn't your next door soundcloud producer, mind you, but Dallas Austin and Bloodshy & Avant) and every other thing that goes into an album campaign that never materialized because THEY FAILED to you.
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I'm pretty sure they shelved her video that she already filmed because they wanted to use the concept for another artist. Would you not be pissed / defeated if your entire single release was sabotaged by your label and your ideas stolen? It seems like she was promised an album release / rollout and the same exact thing ended up happening that happened with the last campaign.

I totally understand being upset in her position. But I would think I’d also go rogue at that point, especially if I paid for it out of pocket, and upload that shit myself. She can even pull a “I did it first!” move for some easy publicity. She has nothing to lose at this point, in my opinion. Worst case scenario, she’s out of a label, and that’s probably also the best case scenario ddd.

I signed that Free Sky campaign going around, so hopefully something comes of it.
Yeah, she COULD easily leak her own songs in a random youtube channel and them pretend she didn't know about anything in later interviews just like michelle branch did leaking west coast time as a kiss my ass goodbye to warner dddd
Yeah, she COULD easily leak her own songs in a random youtube channel and them pretend she didn't know about anything in later interviews just like michelle branch did leaking west coast time as a kiss my ass goodbye to warner dddd

I have a feeling this is not as easy as we'd like to believe as well. I mean, ironically wasn't she one of the few cases ever where someone leaking shit actually got sent to jail 10 years ago or so? At least that we are aware.

Deep down I just think she's not letting they "get away with it" and "just releasing the album" without the support she wants. She hinted many times she wants a proper rollout, she wants to make music videos and all these things, and they probably fight over that side of things, not only about the music (which more likely is just "done". Maybe in final mixing\mastering and "need one song or two to be fully happy" state).
It's very easy to be like this is what I would do in her position when you're not in her position... It's also apparently very hard for some to have any compassion.

Aren't y'all tired of constantly calling her a liar, and difficult, and lazy? Cause quite frankly i'm tired of hearing it. Like we get it, you don't see her as human being and think she owes you her art.
Wasn't the video just shots of her singing the song from the promo photos we got at the time? That's not like... an exclusive concept... but I guess even if it was it's pretty demoralizing to have the carrot dangled in front of your nose every few months for a decade and then someone fakes you out every time. Keeping her in that pattern for that long is insidious and I'm not even sure what anyone at the label would gain by that. If doing that to prevent her from signing elsewhere is the reason why, well it's cute of them to think she'd ever want to sign another contract after this.
She’s low key dragging the label on Instagram stories. You’ll be able to see for yourselves but basically confirming she wants to put out both Innocent Kind and Descending but is being prevented from doing so.

Let’s hope the media pick up on this because I think bad PR/backlash towards Capitol is most likely the only way they’ll cave.
I feel so bad for her. Dealing with chronic health issues by itself can be the most debilitating thing. In addition to this label fuckery that has been going on for litreally over a decade. She's been speaking up about it since then, so I can only assume that due to this some exec at Capitol (probably an old white man in a suit) has a personal vendetta against her. Of all cases of label fuckery this has to be the worst. It's like they are trying to destroy her. I remember when DMX passed she posted a story that alluded to artists having to pay their own medical bills, and this effecting her. I know we like to kii and joke around but I think there's geiunaly something incredibly sinister happening behind the scenes.
I saw her Instagram story on Friday… It’s so frustrating, her material is so good. I wonder if she’d be able to do a Jojo and get a lawyer to get her out of her contract?