Sky Ferreira

I loath that song, and yet Sky's version is stunning. Her power.
No I've always hated that song but I cannot stop playing her snippet. She just soars.

Also, Tin Foil hat time - Remember in early 2021 Sky said she was recording a covers EP - well back then she said it was part of a "plan" to "get the people to do what they need to do". Well, what if she was recording it then so that when she got released from Capitol (she's been trying to get out for years) she would have something to put out that wasn't technically recorded for her project, and didn't involve the composition of new music and her publishing etc.

It sounds completely out there but what if the EP didn't happen at the time because Capitol FINALLY signed off on Don't Forget after Sky threatened to release it independently/leak it? And now its about to come out for real? And the tour could've initially been planned to support it but she got the Coachella gig and decided to wait for that??

And then she will score an unexpected international hit single with her indie sad girl makeover of Need You Now and become the star she was born to be.
Wait what’s the problem with that song? I’m out of the loop
The song itself I guess became a straight white staple, but I think people soured on Lady Antebellum when they changed their name and stole it from a black soul singer (Lady A), pretended to apologize and then doubled down. The optics where not good!
Between getting booted off stage last week to this incredibly random appearance/cover....her career fascinates me. That version does sound amazing though.