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Skylar Grey - Angel With Tattoos (out oct 18th) - First single 'Shame On You' out now

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BreatheBox, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Sis, there's being inspired and there's just downright copying.
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  2. This.

    I have no problem with her being inspired by Fleetwood Mac but I can sing "Dreams" over the instrumental.
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  3. I wonder what would yall say if she said she sampled dreams just like how mariah sampled genius of love for fantasy and attack of the name game for heartbreaker and basically used the original instrumentals of those songs for her own tracks

    But alas, Skylar didn't do that so I guess she deserves all the lashing
  4. Those songs... were released more than 20 years ago AND the samples were credited.

  5. I really don’t even care that much, I’m fine with letting Ms. Skylar live her Gold Dust Woman fantasy; any song that uses Dreams as a basis is going to be innately listenable because of it. It’s just...brazen.
  6. I'm trying not to be hateful anymore so I'll just say that I admire her audacity to push forward with yet another album.
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  7. Sis have you ventured into some of the more...volatile threads on here? This is a very light dragging compared to what most of the girls deal with. It's really not that serious.
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  8. Yeah we're definitely not angry. That'd be like getting angry at....unflavored oatmeal. Or lukewarm water.
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  9. In more than 20 years this song will also be more than 20 years old so your point with that is? And also thats why I used the word "if" darling, obviously Skylar did not credit anything other than "I'm being inspired for 70s music"
  10. Honestly i KNOW its not that serious...If you think I really mean it with "lashing", you need a glass of wine
  11. [​IMG]

    We... could have not commented on Mariah 20 years ago because we were not on PJ (or alive). And because it was a credited sample from the beginning.
    Call me sis, bro.
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  12. The title track is out on friday.
  13. I don’t think Rihanna knows if she’s still making an album.

    Skylar though... I thought Natural Causes was very her cause it was so not commercial or anything and Don’t Look Down was the label trying to get her out there, but judging by her recent independent output that’s not the case at all. I hope the quality comes back cause she’s a great songwriter.
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