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Skylar Grey - Don't Look Down (Debut album) + "C'mon Let Me Ride" (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MiChiMadNesS, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. This is actually quite a good album. If you ignore C'mon Let Me Ride, which is just an anomaly, irony or not, it's got quite a cohesive style. Some hip-hop beats peppered throughout but her singer-songwriter roots haven't been lost, and most of them aren't too far removed from the slightly dark pop sound she had initially with Invisible. Pulse, Tower, White Suburban, Beautiful Nightmare and Wear Me Out are the standouts for me. Although I've realised that White Suburban is distractingly similar to Fiona Apple's Never Is A Promise.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    As always, Green Giraffe led me to something good.

    I skimmed through this, but it sounds solid. I love C'Mon Let Me Ride, and her ear for melodies/hooks is completely apparent. Which bodes well as I intend to put this on for my journey to Cleveland today.

    Which tracks does everyone recommend?
  3. As a whole this album really works for me, its a really solid and cohesive record and I know it shouldn't mean a thing but the cover really helps tie up the package. On first graze the tracks that stand out for me (besides the single) are "Back From The Dead" "Reliogn" (If you love Sheryl Crow or Alanis you'll like this) "Sunshine" "Glow In The Dark" and "Clear Blue Sky" I think the only song that isnt moving me is "Pulse" but that feels like a major grower!
  4. The album is fantastic! I'm glad I pre-ordered it.
  5. I pre-ordered the Target edition of the album, so sadly I'll have to wait longer to hold the album, but Back From The Dead is keeping me satiated until then, the chorus is just brilliant. And now I've got Can't Haunt Me to hold me over as well.

    I'll admit I'm really confused by this campaign; I'm happy the album is finally coming out, but I've yet to find a single iTunes copy.
  6. Sunshine is doing it for me right now, but I've also fallen for Weirdo.

    Cannot wait to pick this up!

    Arroz, I gotchu.
  7. I like most of the album but unfortunately, Can't Haunt Me is probably my favorite (and it's not even on the album).
  8. I didn't realise that Clare Maguire cowrote Clear Blue Sky, I completely forgot about her. It's a very good album, I prefer the more horror-style songs like Back From The Dead, Final Warning, Slowly Freaking Out, Can't Haunt me etc. But it's nice that she's got her brighter side.
  9. It's a very good album. Reminds me strangely enough of Poe (remember her?). Hopefully Skylar won't suffer the same contract-hell fate.

    But given the indifference toward the singles, I'm seeing a 'Spirit Indestructible' like fate for it.....
  10. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    It's all just so blah. I feel like she's damaged her songwriting career with how shit her solo career has been.

    She was so much more enjoyable was Holly Brook.
  11. I'm shocked Sia did not actually write Wear Me Out. It sounds just like her.
  12. This keeps getting better with each listen, even with the bonus tracks included! It's like a darker americana-esque Dido album.
  13. A&E


  14. She didn't. Its just Skylar and Alex Da Kid.
  15. Album is no. 3 on iTunes... unexpected!

    Back From the Dead, Glow In The Dark, Religion and White Suburban are terrific.
  16. Why isn't pulse everywhere on the radio like some early 90 alanis shit..!!
  17. I'm finally getting to listen to this all the way through. I love the atmosphere of it. Kind of dingy and macabre.

    It actually reminds me of Kerli's debut.
  18. I might pick this up today from Target for the bonus tracks. I usually don't like singer-songwriter stuff, but she has a definite vision with her music here. I also LOVE the cover.
  19. Russel Crowe was tweeting about this yesterday...

    I wonder what she'll do first week. This week's figures aren't going to be huge, so I'm thinking ~50k. That's still much better than the absolute flop I was expecting. I thought this was going down like some sort of Spirit Indestructible/Somethin' Bout Kreay mess.
  20. I'm really pleased for her, just shows there is atleast some interest there from her songwriting credits. I'm just so relieved the album is as good as it is!
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