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SKYND (Crime music)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Tiger Suit, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. It's Hallowe'en week, so let's bring a spooky new band to the forefront.
    The alternative kids among you may've seen this name hovering around social media - this is SKYND, a new industrial-tinged duo on the scene comprised of vocalist/songwriter, Skynd, and multi-instrumentalist, Father.
    The idea of the duo is that their songs are inspired by real life crime cases and the horrors that the criminals committed.
    They currently have two 3-track EP's out; Chapters 1 and 2, with Chapter 3 following soon.

    @Lost Boy, @Robert, @Ironheade, @Xanax, @kal

    I have a feeling there may some appeal for you guys here.
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  2. Thanks for the tag! Interesting concept.
    I’m enjoying the music too. Bang bang boogie boogie bang bang.
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  4. I saw SKYND at The Great Escape this year. Even on a tiny stage, they put on an incredible show. I’m hoping for an album soon!
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  5. New single 'Columbine' featuring Bill $aber

  6. New single 'Michelle Carter' and 2022 tour announcement.

  7. The new track is eerily good and quite catchy. I can’t believe they made a track of her text messages.
  8. A legitimately brilliant writing tactic, and it really gives a haunting layer to the song.

    @swim, @Ironheade, @DJHazey, @Crisp X, @Gemini I think there's something for you guys in this band.
  9. Oof. Um... Sonically, this isn't bad. But this feels like a glorification of horrible people and I don't think i'm edgy enough to be listening to this.
  10. That's perfectly understandable.
    It's definitely a tightrope walk, and it's something the two of them were concerned about when they first conceptualised how they'd make music, but the vocalist has stated that their first concern is to write in a way that doesn't disrespect the victims, and that their ultimate goal is to educate.

    I think this interview excerpt might explain it more concisely;
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  11. I mean, i'm all for them making the art they want to make. I think musically it isn't bad music. It's just lyrically not like something fun to listen to. And I love moody music, even. But this just kind of takes it further than I think I need it to. I have some friends who have family members and friends-of-family members who were victims of Jeffrey Dahmer and they always post "Please stop doing drag numbers inspired by his actions, or writing songs that mention him. We need to stop keeping him so talked about". And this just sort of reminds me of that.
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