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Slasher X: Close Encounters of the Turd Kind -- vote deadline 5pm

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rommers, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. I'm sorry Kenny sis, but no ill-advised bandwagon leaves the depot without me!

    Vote: @Kenny
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  2. Vote closes in one hour (5.00 pm GMT).
  3. Rem


  4. BTG


    That 18th glass of wine must’ve really taken it out of dear old @Kenneth

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  5. “I am scared.”

    The thought comes unbidden, unwanted, barely recognised. They could not be from he, these traitorous mind-words. Certainly not. It is some trick of the fleshlings. Yes. It must be. After all, the Ferrophallic Bible does not hold with such a thing as fear. Fear has no place in the hearts of those whose homeland has been eviscerated. No place in the minds of those whose kin have been slaughtered, whose families—whose family—

    He turns away from that thought.

    And yet.

    And yet what could this be, this rising tide of nausea, this yawning, abyssal heart-dread? What could this be, this shaking of the limbs, this panic, soul-deep and storm-bright? What could this be, he thinks, but fear?

    “Brothers. BROTHERS.”

    His brothers feel his cries, but do not falter. When they look upon him, it is with dead eyes. The eyes of the fleshlings.


    He is dead to them.

    As he must be.

    They are Prolaptica-69’s only hope after all; the last of its children; the final, flickering embers of its once bright empire. He has failed them, he knows, failed homanity as a whole, though these thoughts are one and the same.

    The idea is a sobering one.

    He is the youngest of the five. Too young for a quest such as this, too young to bear the burden placed on him by need, not talent. But in this moment, as the magnitude of his failure spreads before him like a constellation by which might chart his ruin, he feels old.

    And tired.

    With the eyes of an older, more tired ‘morph than he, he looks towards his brother one last time, concealed as they are among the fleshling scourge. He meets their gaze and from it takes strength, though they betray no signs of recognition. No acknowledgement of the bond they once shared. Share even now.

    He looks into the dead eyes of his kin and he thinks, Yes. Yes. Maybe it is better this way.

    Let them be the ones to end it.

    Let them be the ones to end it all.

    Kenny was a homomorph

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. FFFFF not Kendria! After all my efforts consoling you and trying to get you to stop drinking!

    Getting personally hoodwinked by two slashers now, and counting! My gameplay remains iconic!

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  8. Told you

  9. Oop. The way i had my Halle Berry Deichmann sandal on her neck from the very beginning. Bye bitch!

  10. I mean I personally wouldn't draw attention to the fact that I switched after it was clear Kenneth was doomed, but...
  11. Woopsie
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  12. [​IMG]

    And you dared to use my love for SIX to spare your life?
    I'm glad I didn't even wait a millisecond to vote your ass off.
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  13. Did you though?

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  14. I have the girls pressed like salami.
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  15. Fine. Get it over with.
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