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Slayyyter - S1 (Mixtape)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. "Daddy AF" reminds me of the myspace artists me and my friends used to bump in high school. Uffie and the likes. So essentially this was made for me.
  2. Yes! It’s very Millionaires
  3. Another bop, this slaps.
  4. Who needs scammer stans when you're your own scammer stan
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  5. Ddd this is SO Millionaires. I'm screaming.

    I love it.
  6. It starts off well but somehow gets boring even though it's 2 and a half minutes.

    Oh well at least the fucking album can come out now.
  7. Donatachi shared a clip of Crush On U in a mix they uploaded:
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  8. Ddd I’m screaming. The Millionaires is a spot on reference. Yas take me back to high school, kween!
  9. She's a genius.
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  10. I-I-I feel daddy as fuck
    Whippin' in a pink truck, daddy as fuck
    He wanna get in my guts
    Lickin' my clit 'til I nut, daddy as fuck
    I feel daddy as fuck
    Suckin' and makin' you (uh!)
    He bout to bust
    I feel daddy as fuck
    I feel daddy as fuck

    A bop!

  11. It's loud and dumb and bangs fucking hard, what's not to like?

    My IQ may have dropped a few points after the first listen, but damn it, I think that's what we need in these trying times.
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  13. the "please come fuck me i'm horny" sample is SENDING me
  14. Oh wow, this is giving me some serious SOPHIE teas and I live. I also appreciate how different to Mine it is.
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  15. It's not her best, but it's still great.
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  16. So... where’s that ‘Mine’ video?
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  17. This sounds a lot like an outtake from Charli’s punk record and I love it for that ddd.
  18. She's a star. We have decided.
  19. This is trashy as fuck. I love it.
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