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Slayyyter - S1 (Mixtape)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Queen of sounding like dozens of artists at once and some how pulling it off
  2. What a video debut!
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  3. Queen really sampled this iconic clip.... I don't know a better person
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  4. Yeah this has now become my anthem as I approach 30 next month.
  5. This sold it for me. I officially stan. Mine has already crept up as one of this year's best for me and Daddy AF keeps the momentum going. There's a video coming for the former, right? So excited!

    And I see she signed with Big Beat / Warner which is huge. Good for her!
  6. I believe it’s just for “Mine” and “Daddy AF” (probably so she could pay for videos for both)
  7. The video and song are... OK?
    Hopefully this is her Just Dance before her Poker Face, in terms of imagery.

    Isn't it just a distribution deal? I think she's still indie. But yeah, this will help a ton!
  8. I absolutely love this. We stan a legend.
  9. Well I’m eating my words
  10. Yeah, I saw it's still Slayyyter Records under WMG distribution, but I meant that getting some sort of big label support is quite nice.
  11. The snippets didn't do the song any justice. It's very well produced.
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  12. I really do like the video, it’s simple and looks great. And the song is simple and production driven, but that is some amazing production.

    I hate to keep overly-romanticizing simple pieces of pop, but there’s something really manacing and grim about both the song and video and I love it. Hedonism, just about to teeter over into absolute disaster.

    I love her, can’t wait for the mixtape lol
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  13. The video kinda gives me early 2000s Marilyn Manson sellout era. Also Taylor Momsen ddd it's great.
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  14. It's kind of giving me Milk Milk Lemonade.
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  15. No, you're absolutely right. The song does sound "dangerous"!

    But you know what? It could use a rap feature.
    Imagine Azealia on this, Jesus fuck...
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  16. Azealia or Tommy Genesis. Or Kesha circa Cannibal.
  17. The shower shots + her little expression right at the end are amazing.
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  18. The video is so good but it was little disappointing to see that she suffers from the same expressionless dead eyes in front of the camera like all the new pop girls at the beginning of their careers. It was especially noticeable in the opening shot.
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  19. I'm laminating my stan card, give us a vinyl queen so I can throw my coins at you.
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  20. I would agree with you, but I think it works here.
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