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Slayyyter - S1 (Mixtape)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. She's... a star.
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  2. Get ha in some more videos stat!
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  3. We basically only knew her from her music & whatever selfies she would post so seeing her in full music video mode is kinda hilarious.

    This whole thing is very Millionaires.
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  4. The chorus after the video/meme sample is addictive.
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  5. I love her razor thin eyebrows. A style icon.
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  6. Another bop in the basket.
  7. Who the hell does she remind me so much of, is it 1996's Sabrina's Aunt Hilda?
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    Her face is so familiar!
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  9. Blair from The Facts of Life?
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  10. Just shy of 43,000 streams in its first day. Mine just crossed a million to, not bad for Ms. Slayyyter! She's getting it all so right.
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  11. I get Amy Schumer character from her, and from this video teebs
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  12. I need a video for Mine.
    Please don’t do a Nadia Oh Hot Like Wow and not give us a visual for your catchiest bop.
  13. Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire tea.
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  14. I think she looks like Nichole from Girlicious.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. She looks a little like Iggy in 2011/12 era, before the surgeries & enhancements.
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  17. This (along with the new Charli shut up phage) has taken over my life. The song, the video, everything just works.
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  18. It's the iconic barely-there eyebrows!
  19. So I got trashed last night, blacked out, and on the ride home with friends played “Daddy AF” on repeat? And when my friends told me to change it I said “NO. YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LISTEN TO THIS!” And continued to play it. Wow, my mind.
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